Aug 072012

Bumble Bee Tuna coupon

With the peak of hurricane season coming up here in South Florida, I need to stock up on tuna. This is why I’ll be taking advantage of this week’s deal on Bumble Bee tuna at CVS. This week Bumble Bee tuna 5 oz cans are on sale at $0.88, and while this might seem like the best deal, Recyclebank has an awesome coupon you can use with it.


The Bumble Bee Deal at CVS: (Price match at Target if you bring the ad, or price match at Walmart even without the ad)

Buy 2 x Bumble Bee tuna 5 oz cans at $0.88 each = $1.76

– $1/2 Bumble Bee coupon at Recyclebank (100 points) (Go to Get Rewards, Click All Rewards, then go to Food and Beverage in the sidebar)

Final price $0.76 ($0.38 per can)


To put this price into perspective, it means that you would pay $1.52 for 4 packs of tuna (If you have two coupons), which is an awesome price. Usually I cannot get a four pack for less than $2.99.

If you are new at Recyclebank, you can click the Earn Points tab for lots of ways to earn points. I have saved $229 in coupons savings at Recyclebank, most of which has been through $ off coupons for local supermarkets.

You can print one of these Bumble Bee coupons per day, so start printing now. If you cannot make it to CVS, you can also price match this deal at Walmart or Target.

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