Aug 282012

Bushs Baked Beans


I often use vegetarian baked beans in my cooking, and unless there was a sale on Bush’s Baked Beans, I usually buy  the Publix version. However, Publix has discontinued their vegetarian baked beans, so last week I ended up paying full price for a can of Bush’s Baked Vegetarian Beans. It cost me $2.39!


This week Bush’s Baked Beans are on sale at 3 for $5 at Publix starting Thursday, so I will definitely be picking up a bunch to stock up. To make the sale even better the great new Bush’s Baked Beans coupon out, and it does not expire until 12/31/2012. I was so excited, when I spotted this coupon, but of course my printer jammed and ate up one of my coupons. Today my husband finally got the printer up and running again, and I sure have been printing.


The Bush’s Baked Beans Coupon Deal at Publix (Starts 8/30)

2 x Bush’s Baked Beans at $1.67 each = $3.33

– $1/2 Bush’s Baked Beans coupon

Final price $2.33 ($1.17 per can)


There sure is a big difference between the full price of $2.39 and the sale + coupon price of $1.17 per can.



Thanks to I Heart Publix for sharing this great Bush’s Baked Beans deal.


What’s your favorite kind of Bush’s Baked Beans?

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