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Dinosaur Train Alvin

If your child is a fan of the show Dinosaur Train on PBS, then you might want to check out the cool interactive Dinosaur Train toys, because your kids will love them. The interactive Dinosaur Train Alvin has found his way to our house, and my three-year-old son even brought him with us on vacation. Dinosaur Train Alvin is an interactive toy, which makes over 50 dino sounds and phrases, and he has several cool moves as well.

Alvin is an Allosaurus, and not only can he jump and talk, but he can also interact with his other Dinosaur Train buddies. The Extreme Interaction Alvin is the latest figure in the Dinosaur Train Interaction series, which has more than 15 interactive toys from TOMY.


Alvin the Allosaurus


What’s So Neat About The Interactive Toys From Dinosaur Train?

  • The more Dinosaur Train Interaction Toys your kids have, the more fun it is, because the toys will interact and communicate with each other.
  • The Dinosaur Train Extreme Interactive Alvin moves and talks, when you push buttons on the back and tail.
  • The Extreme Interactive Dinosaur Train Alvin helps my son use his imagination.
  • The Extreme Interactive Alvin helps my son with independent play.

My three-year-old son decided to make a dinosaur Alvin video:



Buy Dinosaur Alvin

You can buy Dinosaur Train Alvin and Dinosaur Train toys at Amazon, Walmart, Toys R Us and the TOMY online store.

Win Dinosaur Alvin

One of Frugality Is Free’s readers will win the Interactive Dinosaur Alvin

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This giveaway will end Monday September 10th at Midnight. EST.  


Disclaimer: My family received a complimentary sample of Dinosaur Train Alvin for the purpose of writing a review and hosting a giveaway, no monetary compensation was received. Any opinions expressed above are based solely on my family’s experience with Dinosaur Train Interactive Alvin and Dinosaur Train toys from Tomy.

  131 Responses to “Interactive Dinosaur Train Alvin Review & Giveaway”

  1. My son would love Alvin!

  2. We have two of them and my boys love how they talk to each other! I would love to get them Tank the triceratops because that’s my 4 year old son’s favorite dinosaur.

  3. I would love to get the
    Mr. Cretoxyrhina Interactive toy for my son. He loves sharks!

  4. I would love to get the
    Mr. Cretoxyrhina Interactive toy for my nephew

  5. InterAction Boris looks like a neat one!

  6. King Cryolophosaurus – InterAction Figure looks good for my son!

  7. I would love to give the Interactive Tank Triceratops to my grandson.

  8. My nephew would like the InterAction Buddy
    Thank you!

  9. I like the InterAction Mr. Cretoxyrhina

  10. I like interaction tiny!!!!

  11. InterAction Ned

  12. I like InterAction Boris.

  13. My daughter would love the InterAction Mr. Conductor!

  14. Tristan would like the interactive Tank.

  15. InterAction Don

  16. I like the InterAction Tiny

  17. My Granddaughter would like InterAction Ned who makes Stomping noises

  18. I like Tank!!
    Thanks for the chance.

  19. InterAction Tiny

  20. Interaction Boris. Thanks

  21. I like the King Cryolophosaurus – InterAction Figure.

  22. we would love alvin

  23. we would love alvin or interactive tank

  24. I like InterAction Tiny

  25. I would love to get InterAction Tiny for my nephew!

  26. I would also like to have their Dinosaur Train Time Tunnel Mountain Set.

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  28. I would like the InterAction Mr. Cretoxyrhina

  29. I like the interaction buddy

  30. the train tunnel time tunnel mountain set

  31. Inrter action Hank

  32. Tank. He hasn’t talked about favorite for him yet, but he does watch the show.

  33. My son LOVES Dinosaur Train! I want them all:) I think my personal favorite is King Cryolophosaurus – InterAction Figure

  34. My son’s been wanting Hank the Anklyosaurus

  35. My son would love Alvin. We just saw him today and he loved his jumping.

  36. I would love to give my son Tiny the interactive dinosaur

  37. My son would love the InterAction Tiny!

  38. I would give my son the interactive Buddy dinosaur, he is cute and friendly looking

  39. It is a toss up between Alvin and King. King cracks me up the most.

  40. we would love alvin

  41. interaction Boris

  42. my e-mail

  43. I’d like to give my child the InterAction Buddy

  44. Morris. 😀

  45. How fun are all these! I would pick Morris! Thanks

  46. My kids would like Alvin.

  47. My grandson would love nterAction Mr. Cretoxyrhina

  48. Dinos with color, gotta love it. Toys like that become timeless.

  49. Interaction tiny

  50. My granddaughter would love InterAction Tiny


  51. InterAction Ned

  52. i think interaction ned is so cute! lol

  53. Mayor Kosmoceratops

  54. My nephew would love the Interactive Tank Triceratops. Thanks!

  55. would have to be the interactive buddy. my son loves the dinosaur train

  56. We would love InterAction Tank!

  57. interaction tiny

  58. My son would love to have the interactive buddy!

  59. Mr. Cretoxyrhina is one I’d like to give to my youngest kids. Cute shark!

  60. I like the InterAction Tiny

  61. I’d get Tank for my son.

  62. I would get InterAction Mr. Cretoxyrhina

  63. I like interaction tiny.

  64. My neohew loves buddy…. And i was planning on getting him the interactvie buddy for christmas

  65. Buddy!
    jofo120 at yahoo dot com

  66. The Welcome to Rexville Playset.

  67. My nephew would love InterAction Derek or any of them for that matter. He just loves dinosaurs.

  68. InterAction Boris sounds really awesome! My cousin would absolutely love him.

  69. I think Tank is just adorable!

  70. My son has been begging for a Dinosaur train dino!

  71. Mr. Cretoxyrhina Interactive toy

  72. Alvin

  73. InterAction Don

  74. want to give InterAction Don

    brich22 at earthlink dot net

  75. i like the King Cryolophosaurus – InterAction Figure

  76. I like Interaction Don.

  77. Id like to give my grandson The Interaction Buddy!
    ptavernie at yahoo dot com

  78. InterAction Tiny would be the one. My son would love it.

  79. my daughter likes interaction tiny

  80. interaction derek

  81. we like interactive tank
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  82. My son would love the InterAction Hank.

  83. My son would love to have Tank.

  84. Interactive Don; my son loves him!

  85. Buddy! Would love to win!

  86. Tank Triceratops is my sons fave, he would love this toy

  87. My 5 yr old son would love InterAction Mr. Cretoxyrhina because it combines his two favorite things,dinosaurs and sea life.

  88. he’d love any of them

  89. InterAction Mr. Cretoxyrhina looks cool!

  90. I like the InterAction Mr. Cretoxyrhina

  91. My boys like the interactive conductor, ned, shark, & Boris

  92. InterAction Buddy

  93. our son would love the interactive don

  94. My grandson is turning 2 next month and loves Dinosaur Train….when he hears a train whistle or see a commuter train he says “all aboard” that he learned from the show. I would love to give this toy for his birthday.

  95. Boris or Alvin!

  96. My son would like the InterAction Buddy.

  97. I like Buddy

  98. I’d love the InterAction Morris

  99. My son would love InterAction Mr. Cretoxyrhina

  100. I like Tank Triceratops 🙂

  101. My grandson would like InterAction Tank.

  102. My little grandson would love InterAction Tank.

  103. My son would love Mr. Cretoxyrhina

  104. Cool Dinosaur…daughter would love it

  105. InterAction Boris looks very cool

  106. The InterAction derek

  107. Interaction cretoxyrhina would be another great one for my grandson. He loves dinos and sharks!

  108. My daughter would love Tiny

  109. The tank triceratops

  110. My grandson would love this dino!!

  111. InterAction Tiny.

  112. I would like the InterAction Boris

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  114. Interaction buddy his favorite iv watched this show with him since he’s was 4 months he’s 3 yrs now wev learned so much!

  115. My daughter would love the Interaction Tank!

  116. I would love interaction tank for my daughter!

  117. inter action boris looks cool to me!!

  118. I like Don

  119. InterAction Tiny

  120. my son would like either Alvin or Boris.

  121. I like Interaction Morris.

  122. I would love to give my nephew the Mayor Kosmocertops he’s been asking for.

  123. my neice would like alvin

  124. Arnie Argentinosaurus InterAction Figure

  125. InterAction Mr.Cretoxyrhina

  126. My son would love Tiny.

  127. I also would love to give my 6 year old InterAction Mr. Cretoxyrhina

  128. I would love to give them InterAction Buddy

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