Aug 132012

dinosaur zipbin

I have been a fan of ZipBins for a long time, and the latest ZipBin in our collection is the colorful Dinosaur ZipBin. The Dinosaur ZipBin is the perfect place to store my little ones many dinosaurs, and he loves that it unfolds into a prehistoric landscape.zipping the zipbin

The prehistoric landscape playmat is complete with rivers, mountains, volcanos, and everything else kids could want in a dinosaur landscape. The ZipBin is easy to clean by wiping it with a wet cloth, and both the zippers and playmat materials are sturdy and durable. The Zipbin has large, heavy-duty zippers, which are so easy to zip and unzip that my three-year-old can do it all by himself.

My three-year-old son loves his new Dinosaur ZipBin so much that he actually brought it along on vacation, and it was a great place to store his toys including all of his dinosaurs.

dinosaur storage

Why We Love The Dinosaur ZipBin:

  • It is the perfect place to store all of the boys’ dinosaurs
  • The ZipBin transforms from a storage box to a playmat in seconds
  • The Dinosaur ZipBin is sturdy and durable
  • The Dinosaur ZipBin uses heavy-duty zippers
  • It is easy to clean
  • It dries quickly when wet

dinosaur playmat

Check out my sons’ Dinosaur ZipBin video:

Buy The Dinosaur ZipBin

You can buy the Dinosaur ZipBin at the Neat-Oh! website, or you can buy the Neat-Oh! ZipBin Dinosaur Medium Play Set

Disclaimer: My family received a complimentary Dinosaur ZipBin sample for the purpose of writing a review, no monetary compensation was received. Any opinions expressed above are based solely on my experience with the Dinosaur ZipBin and the Neat-Oh! products.

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  1. What a fun unit. Ideal for all those dinosaur lovers out there. This would make a great Christmas gift. Yeah, I am already thinking about the holidays.

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