Aug 222012

Free candy at CVS

I had several CVS coupons, which I needed to use before they expired, so before taking my son to the doctor we stopped at CVS. Now, I had every intention of finding a good deal for my bonus $2 CVS Extra bucks, but the boys somehow got stuck in the candy aisle. I was thinking about getting free Revlon nailpolish, but I already have more free nailpolish than I can use. Now, when we got to the registar we had a negative amount (which I found out at home is because the Free Unreal Candy coupon took of $0.99), so I grabbed a couple of caramels from the front register to get us into the plus side.


My CVS Candy Trip:

1 Milky Way 6 pack on sale at $0.99

1 Twix 6 pack on sale at $0.99

1 Unreal Candy Bar on sale at $0.69 – Free Unreal Candy Bar coupon from CVS Facebook page.

2 x Caramels @ $0.33 each

CVS Sunscreen SPF 50 – Free CVS Sunscreen coupon from Minute Clinic Facebook Page


– $2 CVS Extra Bucks Bonus Coupon from email (check your CVS email)

Tax $0.01

Total out of pocket $0.17

Total saved $6.64

+ $1 CVS Extra Buck Back from using the Reusable Bag Tag


Did you get any CVS freebies this week?

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