Aug 062012

My kids loves hazelnut spread such as Nutella, but I only get it for them on rare occasions as it seems to vanish to quickly at our house. However, right now the price for hazelnut spread is at the lowest it has been in a while, so I am definitely going to pick up a jar or two of Hazelnut spread.


Jif Hazelnut Spread coupon

Jif Hazelnut Spread has been spotted for as low $1-$2 at Walmart
– $1 Jif Hazelnut Spread coupon

Final price Free – $1


Nutella coupon

Nutella 2 for $6 at Publix (sale ends 8/
– $1 Nutella coupon (or RP 8/5)

Final price $2


ALDI hazelnut spread
$2 regular price


What’s your family’s favorite hazelnut spread?

  2 Responses to “Grocery Deal of the Day: Jif Hazelnut Spread As Low As Free, Nutella $2”

  1. My son loves Nutella. We actually haven’t even tried any others. We haven’t found any cheaper when we need it, so we stick with what we know we like. It seems like we can almost always catch it on sale or clearance right before we need another jar. 🙂

    • Carla, my kids love Nutella too… a little too much:) When we went on vacation they had Nutella for breakfast an lunch every day…

      I checked at our Walmart, and they had not marked the JIF down. I did pick up the Nutella at $2 after price match and coupon though.

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