Aug 192012

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This year I did some back-to-school shopping at ThredUp, and I found just what I needed. My oldest son needed new shorts and a sweater for the winter months, and at ThredUp I found it at very reasonable prices. For a limited time ThredUp had stepped up it’s introduction offer, and you can now get $10 to shop for at ThredUp.

How To Get $10 To Shop For @ ThredUp and

  1. Click through this ThredUp link
  2. Click the yellow banner that says “Hi there. Thanks for checking out your invitation from your friend.
    Join today and use your $10.00 and your friend will get a $10.00 shopping credit too. Begin…”
  3. Sign up, and then start shopping.
  4. Click the shop tab and begin…
  5. Choose the sizes and gender you are looking for
  6. Select “low to high” (upper right side)
  7. If you choose an item that costs $3 or less you can get everything for free since shipping is $6.95.
  8. Check out using your $10 sign up bonus.
  9. You may be able to combine the $10 sign up bonus with the 20 percent off promo code AUGUST20


Shipping is free on orders of $40+, but if you select an item under $3, you can get it shipped to your house for free.  I found lots of items under $3 including shorts, tank tops, leggings, skirts and much much more.


You can also request your own ThredUp bag, so that you can fill it up an get paid for your children’s old clothes. All you have to do is fill up the bag, and hand it to your mailman, the shipping is free.


  7 Responses to “Get $10 To Shop For At ThredUp – Shop For Free”

  1. I will check it out. That is a great deal, to get $10 off. Need it for back to school. Thank you!

  2. awesome!

  3. Ooooh.

  4. Items under 3$? I’m there!

  5. Thanks!

  6. thanks

  7. Beware before sending them items to sell. Look up reviews online. There are many with stories like mine. I sent a bag stuffed full of 30+ items, all name-brand and they “declined” all but 5 inexpensive pieces. The stuff they didn’t accept included Land’s End, TCP, even a VanHeusen 2-pc suit that my son wore ONCE for 3 hours, several NWT and NWOT items, and more. I got less than $10. They can’t be making much money by declining to “accept” (and then sell) so many items from so many people, so I’m starting to suspect that they are selling the “declined” items elsewhere (you don’t get the declined stuff back; they say they give it to charity or “recycle” the fabric.)

    I’m an experienced consignor. I’ve successfully sold over $1000 worth of my children’s clothes at pretty strict consignment sales over the past 7+ years, so I know what to look for. It’s not like I sent in Circo items that had been washed 20+ times!!

    I did purchase a box of clothing from them, and it was all as described (although, IMO, a bit expensive for used clothing especially with shipping.)

    Just proceed with caution! Look at their BBB rating too…a big fat “F”!!

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