Aug 072012

Dollar Movies Regal Cinemas Summer Movie Express This week is the last week for the Regal Cinemas’ Summer Movie Express 2012, so if you want to bring your kids along to a $1 movie, this is your last chance. The dollar movies are shown Tuesday and Wednesday at 10 A.M, so get the kids in the car and head for your participating Regal theater.

Enter your zip code at the $1 Summer Movies website, and it will let you know what movies you can watch with the kids.
These are the movies that will show at my family’s local Regal Cinemas movie theater:
Dollar Movies at Regal Cinemas Summer Movie Express

8/7-8/8 (10am) ARTHUR CHRISTMAS and SMURFS


Read more about the 1 dollar summer movies at the Summer Movie Express at Regal cinemas.

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  1. our movie theaters here dont have $1.00 movies ever

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