Aug 202012

Office Depot 1 cent deals

Office Depot has more great 1 Cent Deals this week, and I made sure to stop by our local Office Depot after a beach trip. I still have about a dollar left on my Office Depot Rewards gift certificate, so I hope they will have a new set of 1 cent deals next week.


My Office Depot 1 Cent Deals:

10 x Pocket Folders @ $0.01

3 x Pencil boxes @ $0.01

Tax $0.01

Total $0.14

– $0.14 from Office Depot Rewards Certificate

Total out of pocket $0

Total saved $5.74


I had about $17 in Office Depot Reward earnings when I started out, and over the past several weeks I surely have stretched the rewards as far as I can. Do you participate in the Office Depot Reward program?

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  1. Thats awesome!

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