Aug 272012

Office Depot Deals

I had about a dollar left on my Office Depot Rewards certificate, and with only a few days left before it expired, I wanted to make sure to get the last great back-to-school deal. With heavy rain and strong winds still pounding South Florida, I decided to ask my husband to pick up the items, so that I did not have to bring the kids along. I circled the items in the add, wrote how many of each etc.

My husband has gotten better at deal shopping, but it can still be a bit of a hit or miss, and today was no different. Instead of bringing home 3 x $0.05 pocket tiessues, he brought home 3 x $.0.50 Wet Wipes. So my totals aren’t exactly what I had hoped, but I am not complaining, the wet wipes can be used.


This Week’s Office Depot Deals:

3 x Packages of Wet Wipes on sale at $0.50 each

3 x 12 Pack Erasers @ $0.05 each

Printer Paper $2


Tax $0.22

– $1.09 Office Depot Reward Certificate

Total out of pocket $2.78

Total saved $9.48


Did you pick up any of the back-to-school deals at Office Depot this week?

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