Aug 032012

Publix groceries

I took the kids to JCP this morning to get free hair cuts, and I decided to do my Publix shopping, since there is a Publix nextdoor to the mall. I did have a few concerns about shopping at this particular Publix though, because it is a tiny Publix, the prices are usually even higher than they are at my regular Publix (where the prices are high to begin with), and the tax is usually 7 percent instead of 6 percent. It was definitely a hassle dragging three boys around a crowded small Publix, but they were thrilled to be able to get some food samples, so that kept them happy until cookie time. I was surprised to see that I got – $0.28 tax discount, which I am sure is due to the Florida tax weekend. I did get a few free school supplies, so I am assuming that this is where the tax is coming from.

Finally, I knew shopping with coupon was going to be a hassle, because it always is at that store. This store is in a very affluent neighborhood, where people come in and buy $7 olives, expensive cakes etc. with no worries, so the cashier was not happy to see my stack of coupons. She actually commented that I should be shopping at Target with all of those Target coupons, but I just smiled and said I’d rather spend my money at Publix.

My boys did great though, despite a VERY slow checkout process, where I thankfully managed to send at least 6 customer elsewhere before they got behind me with all of my coupons. All ocupons went through though, depsite a lot of protest and eye rolling from the cashier, and I got the savings I needed.


My Publix Trip:

2 x 1 gallon Publix Orange juice @ $3.99 = $7.98

4 x Yoplait Kids yogurt 2 for $4 = $8  – (2 x $2/2 Yoplait Publix Coupon Run In Display and 2 x $0.85 Yoplait Kids coupon) = $2.30 ($0.58 each)

2 x Oscar Mayer Turkey Bologna and Coto Salami 16 oz 2/$4 = $4 – (2 x 1/1 Oscar Mayer Lunchmeats, any 16 oz. coupon from Winn Dixie Back to School Ad) = $2 ($1 each)

6 x Kellogg’s Special K on BOGO sale at 2 for $4.51 = $13.53 – (2 x $1/3 Kellogg’s cereals Target Coupon and 2 x $1/3 Kellogg’s Special K Cereals )) = $12 ($2 each)

4 x Hunt’s Ketchup, 24 oz on BOGO sale at 2 for $1.85 = $3.70 – (4 x $0.35 Hunts ketchup coupons Target coupon hangtag) = $2.30 ($0.58 each)

2 x Chobani Champions Greek Yogurt 4 pk, 2/$5 – (2 x $1/1 Chobani Champions Greek Yogurt, 4 pk, Target coupon and 2 x -$1/1 Chobani Champions, 4 pk ) = $1 ($0.50 each)

4  x Mott’s Applesauce, 6 pk, 3/$5 = $6.60 and 2 Motts Snack & Go (- 2 x FREE Mott’s Snack & Go! Applesauce wyb 2 Mott’s Apple Sauce 6 ct 3.9 or 4 oz cups Publix Coupon -2 x $1.10/2 Mott’s Single Serve Applesauce or Medleys Snacks, 6 pk coupon) = $4.46 ($1.17 each + 2 free Motts to 2)

4 x Progresso Soupon sale at 4/$6 = $6 (– 4 x $1/1 Progresso Soup Publix Coupon Running Out Run In stand (expire 8/4!) and -$1/4 Progresso Soup SS 7/15 (you can also find a printable Progresso coupon here) = $1 ($0.25 each)

4 x Smuckers Uncrustables on BOGO sale at 2 for $3.15 = $6.30 – (4 x –$1/1 Smuckers Uncrustables  = $2.30 ($0.58 each)

2 x Pillsbury Ready to Bake Cookies 2 for $5 – (-$1/2 Pillsbury Ready To Bake Cookies Publix Coupon Running Out Run In stand  expire 8/4!) and -$1/2 Pillsbury refrigerated Cookie Dough coupon) = $3 ($1.50 each)

3 x Paper Mate Write Bros. Ball Point Pen, 2 ct, 2/$1 = $1.50 – 2 x $1/1 PaperMate Writing Instrument Target Coupon and 1 x $1/1 Papermate product Target coupon from Target Home Mailer, school Takes A Lot) = FREE ($1.50 overage)

2 x Bic Mechanical Pencils, 10 pk, 5/$5 = $2 -($1/2 BIC Stationary Items, TARGET Coupon Target Home Mailer, School Takes a Lot, Target has it All (and $1/2 Bic stationery product SS 07/29) (Find the $1/2 BIC coupon here too) = FREE

2 x Publix Ice Cream on sale at 2 for $7 – ($1/2 Market Pantry Ice Cream Target coupon) = $6 ($3 each)

Kraft Cheese Singles on sale at $2.50 – ($1/1 Kraft Cheese coupon from Winn Dixie Back to School Ad) = $1.50

Grace Habanero Sauce $2.09


Tax – $0.28

Total out of pocket $43.69

Total saved $90.81 


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  2. Hard to believe that at Publix you found less than a favorable shopping experience. I shop at the Publix in the Veranda Shoppes at Plantation which is smack in the center of a very wealthy area. It is a very small Publix and many times, people who are very well dressed and shopping for high end foodstuffs are the ones who are couponing in the same spirit as myself. I enjoy that store because the selections are the very best in all of Broward.

    • Karyn, I agree that is is strange to have a less than favorable shopping experience at Publix. I love shopping at Publix, and fortunately I rarely shop at this particular store.

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