Aug 302012

Redbox codes

All of our local Publix stores have exchanged their Blockbuster Movie Kiosks with a Redbox Kiosk, but the move was expected due to the Redbox takeover. So, while I will continue posting Blockbuster Express Codes as long as they are available, I will now also start sharing any Redbox codes, which I find.

The Redbox kiosks works similar to the Blockbuster Express Kiosk, but the pricing is a bit different.


The following free Redbox codes worked at our local Redbox Wednesday August 29th,2012:





Get $1 off a Redbox game rental when you text PLAY to 727272


How to get free Redbox codes:

  1. Sign up for a Redbox account, and you will get a free Redbox code sent to your inbox.
  2. Sign up for Redbox text messages  to get free monthly Redbox codes and exclusive members-only deals sent to your mobile phone. (Sign up at the bottom of the Redbox page)
  3.  You can use a free Redbox code once per credit card/debit card, so to use the code more than once, you will have to use a different card.


Have your Blockbuster Express Kiosk been exchanged for a Redbox?


You can find the latest Blockbuster Express codes and the latest Redbox codes in the top navigation bar under Reward Points, Codes & More.

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