Aug 272012

Whole Wheat Ritz

Starting Thursday August 30th, you can get a great deal on Ritz crackers at your local Publix store. The Ritz crackers are on BOGO sale, and we have an awesome B2G1 Free coupon out, which basically means that you will get 6 for the price of a little more than 1. I love the new Whole Wheat Ritz crackers, and I sure am looking forward to stocking up. The prices of the Ritz may vary, but even if your local price is higher, this is still a great deal on Ritz.

As Michelle just said below, the coupon has a maximum price of $2.50 each, so I have revised the calculations. Thank you Michelle!


The Ritz Deal: (Starts 8/30)

Buy 6 x Nabisco Ritz Crackers, 9.5 to 15.1 oz, on BOGO sale at 2 for $3.09 = $9.27

Use 2 x (2 x -$2.50) B2G1 NABISCO Crackers Coupon (zip 30303) (Change the zipcode by clicking through to this coupon tab, then go to the LOCAL Coupon tab in the top navigation bar, change your zip code, then click on the coupon tab or return here to click through the link again)

Final price $4.27 ($0.71 each)



Thank you to Michelle at I Heart Publix for sharing this Ritz BOGO deal.

  12 Responses to “Grocery Deal of the Day: Ritz Crackers – Get 6 For The Price Of 1+ At Publix”

  1. You can get 6 for the price of one if you use 2- B2G1 coupons! Also, the Q’s are for “up to $2.50”, I k ow in Orlando they are over $3.00, so you’ll have to pay the difference of the Q if it’s the same in South Florida.

  2. What about if u are in Fla.(land of tru BOGO) couldnt I use 1 coupon and buy 4 and only pay for 1 box since 1 would be free and the others would ring up as $0.00
    $3.09 (1st box)
    $0.00 (BOGO) Free
    $3.09 (B2G1 cpn) = Free
    $0.00 (BOGO) Free
    Please correct me if im wrong thanks, but I believe this is how it would ring up only using 1 B2G1 cpn

    • Nyka, this is how I had it listed first, and yes I believe this is how I would do it with 1 coupon. However, I have been looking over the comments at I Heart Publix, and they all list the above scenario.

      However, I am going to ask at my local Publix about the Buy 4 for 1 scenario, and I think you should do the same.

      B3G1 Florida scenario:

      Buy 1 at 3.09
      Get 1 Free with BOGO sale
      Buy 1 at 3.09 – B2G1 ($2.50) coupon = $0.59
      Get 1 Free with BOGO sale

      $3.68 for 4 ($0.92 per box),

      • BTW, I just want to emphasize that us Florida folks should expect a higher price for the Ritz. (The price above is what it costs in Atlanta according to Michelle from I Heart Publix), but I often find that the actual Florida price can be quite a bit higher. I am doing my own calculations with $3.89 and then I am hoping for a better price.

  3. OK thankx..I will ask also

  4. I am having trouble with the site. They seem to have taken away the local coupons tab so now how do I change my zip???

    • They’ve made a lot of changes, and I sure aren’t happy with all of them.
      To change the zip this is what you need to do.

      1. Click through to the page
      2. Go to the local coupon tab in the top navigation bar on the page
      3. Here you can change your zip code
      4. Now go back to the regular coupons tab in the top navigation bar, and your zip code has been changed.

  5. Thats how it use to be but now if you look there is no local coupon tab on the top bar.

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