Aug 102012

Target shopping

I wasn’t looking for much at Target this week, but I did want to pick up some of the Up & Up magic erasers with the new Up & Up cleaning coupon. These work just like the Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, but they come at a much more affordable price especially after the coupon. With three boys in the house there are always many uses for the Up & Up Magic Erasers, and I try to have them on hand at all times just in case.


My Target Shopping Trip:

Up and Up Magic Erasers $2.89 – $0.75 Up and Up Cleaning Coupon = $2.14

Market Pantry Chicken Broth $1.88

Market Pantry Soup Mix on clearance at $0.88

Sterilte Pencil Case $0.49

Scotch Magic Tape $0.49 – $0.50 Scotch Magic Tape Target Coupon = FREE


– $0.05 Target Reusable Bag Discount

– $2.31 Target Gift Card from previous shopping trip


Tax $0.16

Total out of pocket $3.17

Total saved $4.76


Have you ever tried the Up & Up Magic Erasers?

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