Aug 032012

After weeks where I have avoided shopping as much as possible, I finally realized that I needed to do a lot of shopping this week, as we kept on running out of the basics and the fridge was very empty. I dragged my three boys all over town, mixed shopping trips with playground stops etc., and I did get it all down. We even got their back-to-school hair cuts done for free at JCPenney, and we got lots of free school supplies, but grocery wise I went way above my regular $65 grocery budget.


Check out my Walmart Deals

Walmart price match

See my Walmart Price Match deals

I spent $9.37 at Walmart

I saved $8.32 at Walmart



Check out my ALDI Deals

 ALDI groceries

Aldi produce

ALDI chicken

I spent $45.60 at ALDI

I saved $18.84 at ALDI compared to the lowest prices at my regular stores


Check out my Publix Deals

Publix groceries

Publix Ziploc Deal

See my Publix deals here and see my Publix Ziploc Deal here.

I spent $47.69 at Publix

I saved $105.04 at Publix

Check out my JCPenney Deals:

JCPenney Clearance

See my JCPenney Clearance finds here

I spent $7 at JCPenney

I saved $25 at JCPenney

Check out my Target Deals

Free at Target

See my Free at Target deals

I spent $9.43 at Target

I saved $62.89 at Target

I received $2.31 back on a Target gift card

Check out my Office Depot Deals

Free at Office Depot

Free at Office Depot

See my Free at Office Depot Deals here

I spent $0 at Office Depot

I saved $47.32 at Office Depot

My Weekly Totals

My Weekly Grocery Spendings $107.16

My Weekly Grocery Savings $138.25

My Weekly Clothes and Extra Spending $9.03

My Weekly Clothes and Extra Savings $129.16

Weekly Spendings For A Family of 5 $119.09

Weekly Savings For A Family of 5 $267.41


How did you do on your shopping totals this week? Share your grocery posts and shopping deals below at the Weekly Savings Linky!

  3 Responses to “The Weekly Savings Linky: $386 Worth of Goods For $119”

  1. What great deals on the Office Depot! I will try that next time and see if they give us a couple more. Never heard about Office Depot rewards awesome trips!

    • Thanks Emmie, it never hurts to ask is my philosophy. Sometimes Office Depot have items, where they give you 100 percent back on items you buy. Say you buy a stapler that costs $12 with 100 percent rewards, then they’ll give you $12 in your account back. Every quarter they will then send you a reward certificate with this amount.

      They have batteries with 100 percent back once in a while, and this I love!

      We usually earn rewards by handing in our used printer cartridges.

  2. Your week sounds like mine running all around town!!! Glad to know that I wasn’t the only one running out of food in the house 🙂

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