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So, I have posted about some of my favorite Target clearance finds today, but I also need to post about what  I actually bought. I spent a lot of money today, but it was for purchases that I had been waiting for, so I saved a lot of money, and I even got three gifts too.

Target back-to-school clearance

Last week my oldest son came home from school with a broken backpack….a very expensive broken backpack. I won his Northface backpack on the former Club Bing several years ago, and it has worked very well for my son for several years. The backpack was still in great condition, but my son got the zipper stuck in the side, and when he tried to fix it, he used too much force and actually ripped part of the backpack. The backpack could not be fixed, but instead of getting upset, I was just thankful for the timing. I knew the 70 percent off Target back-to-school sale was coming, and if he had broken his backpack a few weeks later, I might have had to pay full price.

This past weekend, I took my son to Target, and he picked out his favorite backpack. Of course the Target backpack clearance was only at 30 percent off, but I decided to buy the backpack just in case. I did not let him use it though, it was left in a bag with the receipt attached. Instead we found a small cheap backpack in our closet that he could use until I found a better price.  

I had the feeling that today (The second Thursday in September) would be the day that our local Target stores moved their back-to-school clearance to 70 percent off, so I made it there early this morning.

When I saw the 70 percent off clearance signs, I almost exclaimed hallelujah. I quickly went to search for my son’s favorite backpack, and it was there. The new price was $39.99, last week we bought it for $27.98, and this week the clearance price was $11.98! I quickly grabbed the backpack at $11.98, and the one we bought last week will be returned tomorrow. Sometimes a little patience can save you a lot of money

My son got the backpack he wanted, and I got the price I wanted. Savings $16 by waiting five days!

Okay, let’s get to my 70 percent off clearance deals…

 Target beach towels clearance

 Target Clearance Deals:

Ful backpack on clearance at $11.98 (Was $39.99)

4 x plastic pencil holders on clearance at $0.28 (Was $0.99 each)

Batman lunchbox on clearance at $2.98 (Was $9.99)

4 x beach towels on clearance at $2.08 (Was $6.99 each)

2 x Weber Grill Mits on clearance at $2.68 (Was $8.99)

Speedo Snorkel set for kids on clearance at $5.38 (Was $17.99)

Off Clip On Starter on clearance at $5.94 – $3 Off Clip On coupon from Recyclebank = $2.94 (Was $8.49)


– $0.15 in Target Reusable bag discount

Tax $2.46

– $10 Visa gift card from mail-in-rebate

– $1.76 from Target gift card (from previous transaction)

Total out of pocket $28.63

Total saved after gift cards $105.31

(Total saved before gift cards $93.55)


Target notebook clearance

I went back to Target Friday to return the backpack, and I picked up some notebooks and A&D, which I had not been able to find at the other Target store yesterday.

Second Target Trip

10 x Notebooks @ $0.09 each

A&D Ointment on sale at $3.39 – $1 A&D Target coupon and $1 A&D coupon = $1.39

Up & Up floor cleaner $1.97 – $1 Up & Up cleaning coupon = $0.97

– $0.10 Target reusable bag discount

Tax $0.19

Total out of pocket $3.36

Total saved $6.77


Total spent at Target $31.99

Total saved at Target $112.08


You can always find my latest Target Deals and Target Clearance finds in the top navigation bar under DEALS and CLEARANCE.

  7 Responses to “70 Percent Off Target Clearance – Saved $112”

  1. Here is another tip on the backpack. The original one by Northface. Write to Northface and explain what happened to his back pack you might be surprised. I had 3 LLBean backpacks for 3 kids when they were 8th grade I bought them one got messed up when he was in 12th grade LLBean sent him a brand new backpack.
    The other two took the backpacks to college with them and they still all three use these for travel as of today and the oldest is now 30. So it pays to buy quality.

    • That’s a great point Jenna, and this is why I love LL Bean!!! They have such a fantastic exchange policy, I am not sure how it would work with Northface though, since this was a win.

      The backpack my son choose seem to be of good quality, so I am keeping my fingers crossed. I was not familiar with the brand, but I tried to find reviews and so far all I could find on the brand was five star reviews. The zipper looked quite sturdy, which was my main concern, so I am keeping my fingers crossed.

  2. LLBean who is excellent on this, does not dither over how you got the item – many times they are gifts and you never had a receipt. It is still their product and they stand behind it. It’s actually product research for them – how long it lasted and what broke.

    I would contact Northface and say the zipper got stuck which can almost be expected of backpacks and kids. You were surprised that the fabric ripped instead of the zipper giving way … and you just wanted to share that info with them and maybe float a question about what their product warranty is. Given the model of backpack, they will know how old the product was and you might be surprised with their response. These companies sell products that are expected to survive – and I’m betting the Target one, no matter how strong it looks, is not in the same category

  3. Great deals! I hope the backpack holds up well for you guys! We might go to Target today after Elliott gets out of school, since we have to go at least to base anyway. I don’t have much hope that I’ll find any good deals on stuff we need, though. When we were there last weekend there wasn’t very much school stuff left at all.

  4. wow you got some great deals

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