ALDI Lactose Free Milk, Meat & Produce – Saved $13

ALDI groceries

I made a quick stop at ALDI today, and quick stops usually mean that I end up spending more than I planned, because I don’t think twice about what ends up in the grocery cart. The boys were off from school today, and tomorrow they have a half day, which means there will be no time for a big shopping trip. I wanted to make sure I made it by ALDI though, becaue we were low on fruit, and these days that can be quite a catastrophe. 2 weeks ago I filled our fridge up with lactose free milk, because it was on sale at Publix and I had coupons. This week we are down to 1 lactose free milk already, so I grabbed an ALDI lactose free milk as they have the cheapest price at $2.79 for half a gallon.

ALDI produce

ALDI Groceries:

Boneless Beef $4.35

1 lb Fresh ground chicken $2.69

Chicken drumsticks $3.62

10 lbs potatoes $1.89

1 lb mini sweet peppers $2.99

Lettuce $0.69

Strawberries $1.49

Lactose free milk $2.79

Heavy Whipping Cream $1.89

Large dozen eggs $1.49

Whole Wheat Bread $1.29

Cheese Crackers $1.29

2 x Black beans @ $0.59

Evaporated milk $0.65

2 x Purified water 24 packs @ $2.29 (not pictured)

Total out of pocket $37.74

Total saved  $13.31

 (Compared to the lowest prices at my other regular grocery stores, see the grocery price list in the top navigation bar)

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