Sep 212012

ALDI produce

ALDI was my first stop today, and since I was walking I had to limit my purchases to only the most necessary. This meant that I spent a lot less at ALDI than usual, but I had to buy a few items elsewhere later on, which were more costly than they would have been at ALDI. I did find some great ALDI clearance deals with hamburger buns on clearance for $0.25 and Pepperoni and Supreme pizza on clearance at $0.50. If we had a bigger freezer, I would have stocked up big time, but we only have a small freezer under the fridge, so there is no room to store a lot of food besides meat and veggies.


 ALDI Pizza Clearance and More:

Pepperoni pizza on clearance at $0.50 (saved $3.39)

2 x Hamburger buns on clearance at $0.25 each (Saved $2.08) +

Cheese crackers $1.29 (Saved $0.69

Broccoli $0.99 ($0.70)

Cabbage $0.79 ($0.50)

5 lbs red potatoes $0.99 ($2)

3 lbs onions $0.89 ($1.80)

Total out of pocket $5.95

Saved $11.16

(compared to my regular grocery stores See the grocery price list for details)


Have you spotted any great ALDI clearance lately?


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