Sep 052012

CVS diaper clearance

My CVS bucks have been close to expiring on me several times lately, and yesterday I realized that my $1 CVS Extra buck was expiring again, so after Target I made a quick stop at CVS. The CVS scanner ended up spitting a CVS frebie out my way, and I found some great clearance on diapers. They only had size 4, which is what my son uses, so I picked up a box. Of course, I regretted not having picked up all three boxes once I got home, because it sure was a great deal. Then again, my son only wears diapers or training pants at night, and I have the feeling he might not be doing so for long.


My Free at CVS Deals:

CVS Essence of Beauty Hand and Body Lotion $1.99 – Free CVS Essence coupon from coupon machine = FREE

2 x SoftSoap Travel Size at $1.49 each = $2.98 – $3 off any 2 Soft Soap products = FREE

Unreal Candy bar at $1.99 – FREE Unreal coupon = FREE

CVS Apricot Scrub at $2.89 – $2 CVS Skincare coupon = $0.89

Box of 62 Size 4 CVS Diapers on clearance at $4.24


– $1 CVS Extra Bucks


Tax $0.50

Total out of pocket $4.59

Total saved $21.93


Do your CVS Extra Bucks ever expire on you??

  2 Responses to “Free at CVS + CVS Diaper Clearance”

  1. Great deal on diapers! I may have to check my CVS to see if I can find some on clearance too!

  2. Great deal on diapers. A few mos ago, I stocked up on a ton of CVS clearanced diapers when they were 75% off. It was great. I’m down to my last few diapers from that deal and have been able to stock up on training pants and diapers from subsequent deals. I love not paying full price.

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