Sep 072012

$10 Lowes Coupon

Right now you can get a $10 off $10 Lowes Coupon when you sign up for  MyLowes online. The coupon should arrive in your inbox within 24 – 48 hours of signing up.

Sign up is easy, and you can also request a MyLowes card, if you would like to participate fully in the program. I did received my coupon, and it expires on October 31st, with no restrictions other than the fact that the $10 purchase amount has to be met. This means that you can get a freebie or two with the $10 off $10 Lowes coupon, if this is what you choose to do with your coupon.


Thank you to Money Saving Mom for sharing this great $10 Lowes coupon.


Did you get $10 off $10 Lowes coupon yet?

  3 Responses to “Get a $10 off $10 Lowes Coupon”

  1. I signed up, too. It will be a great coupon when it arrives!

  2. […] a month ago I posted about an easy way to get a $10/$10 Lowes Coupon, and since then I have been saving my Lowes coupon. Today I finally got the chance to pick up some […]

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