Sep 292012

poundsSometimes it seems as if, we have a monopoly on saving and frugality here in the U.S., but the recession has hit worldwide and even the Brits are now on board the frugality train. I just discovered a new British website called, which helps the British save money on everything from travel, to baby products, clothing, utility bills and more.

One tip I discovered on Good Value For Money, which can be used worldwide is a tip about booking flight tickets. According to Good Value For Money you should make sure to check flights late at night or early in the morning, as these might very well be able to shave a few pounds or dollars of your ticket price.

Good Value For Money is a website, which is built up by its network of savers, who submits frugal tips and deals to help other frugal folks save money.


What Can You Find at Good Value For Money: 

  • UK travel deals
  • Deals for students
  • Entertainment savings
  • Savings on clothes, shoes, and food
  • Frugal living tips
  • And much much more…


Frugal living is not just a US phenomenon, and Good Value For Money makes sure that everyone in the UK are able to stretch their money as well.


Do you have any great savings tips, which can be used worldwide?


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post written by me on through my participation in the Mom Blogger program. Any opinions expressed by me based on my experience with the Good Value For Money website.

  One Response to “A Frugal Living Website: Good Value For Money”

  1. Wait until folks realize just how far we have dropped / about 3.5 more years!
    Saving on optional things are great but when everyone is only buying what is needed to survive then folks will realize true frugality.

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