Sep 022012

Target coupons

There are some awesome new Target coupons out, and it is definitely time to warm up the printer. There are in fact so many hot new Target coupons out that you may want to read my How To Save On Printing post (See the How To Be Frugal Tab in the top navigation bar). Below you can see a few of my favorite coupons, but there are many more. I suggest that you print out your favorite new Target coupons today, because the good coupons have a tendency of disappearing fast. Don’t forget that you can use the Target coupons at Publix!


(Stack with $1 A&D Coupon)



  • $1 off 5.6-oz. Hershey’s Simple Pleasures chocolate candy Target Coupon

(Use with $2 Hershey’s Simple Pleasures coupon from SS 8/19 – The Regular price is $2.99, which means you will get these free with both coupons. )


  • $1 off With purchase of two Bulls-Eye barbeque sauces Target Coupon

(Save for BOGO sale at Publix)

(Use with $1/2 Oscar Mayer Hot Dog coupons (exp. 9/4) from NLA, check your binders.)


(Use with $1/2 Oscar Mayer Bacon coupons (exp. 9/4) from NLA, check your binders.)



(Use with $1/1 Planters Nutrition Coupon or $1/1 Planters Nutrition Coupon SS 8/26)


(Use with $1/1 All coupon RP 7/29 (Exp. 9/9) or $0.75/1 All coupon printable)


  • 75¢ off With purchase of one 12-pk. OR two 2-L. sodas Target Coupon (7-Up, Canada Dry, Country Time, Schweppes, Squirt, Sunkist, Vernors, Welch)
  • 1.50 off With purchase of two Bertolli pasta sauces Target Coupon


  • $1 off up & up® hand and body lotion Target Coupon (Excluding trial/travel size)


(I usually use this one  the Target Up & Up Erasers (Just like the Mr. Clean Magic Erasers). A 4 Pack of Up & Up erasers are $2.89 – $1 Up & Up Cleaning coupon = $1.89)


(Use with $2.50/2 Gerber Onesies coupons or $2/$10 Gerber coupon – Most Target stores will only let you use 1 Target coupon per transaction)


  • $1 off With purchase of four Market Pantry® frozen vegetable items Target Coupon




(85 ct Up & Up trash bags are $6.97 – $1/2 Target coupon = $5.97 – You should also be able to use this coupon on Publix brand garbage bags)


  • $1 off up & up® vitamin or nutritional supplement Target Coupon



  • $1 off With purchase of two Juicy Juice beverages Target Coupon

(Use with one of these Juicy Juicy coupons: $1/1 Juicy Juice Fruitfuls coupon, or $1/3 Juicy Juice coupon)


  • $3 off Select Hasbro games Target Coupon (Cranium Original Edition, Thing in a box, Guesstures or Taboo)


  • $1 off Select Hasbro games Target Coupon (Connect4, Monopoly or Battleship)

(Use with $4/2 Connect4 or Battleship coupon)



  • $1 off With purchase of two Nabisco cracker items Target Coupon

(Use with $1/2 Nabisco Coupon – a big ad will print after the coupon, so make sure to hit cancel or select more than 1 coupon to print. Publix has Ritz crackers on BOGO this week, so use these two coupons to get a great deal, or check out this RITZ coupon deal.)


  • $5 off Circo infant bedding item Target Coupon (No exclusions, should make for some great deals on Circo crib sheets)



  • 22-oz. or larger Kraft mayonnaise or whipped sandwich spread Target Coupon

(Use with $0.25 or $0.50/1 Kraft mayo or Miracle Whip dressing, SS 8/19 and use it for the current Publix BOGO sale)


You can print all of the above Target coupons here.


I will try to get some coupon match ups up with manufacturer coupons, because there are lots of them out there. For now I just wanted to let all of you know about the great Target coupons before they disappear.

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