Target Beach Towels Clearance 70 Percent Off – As Low As $2.08!!!

I am very excite about today’s Target clearance shopping trip, because not only did the Target back-to-school clearance go to 70 percent off, but I also found beach towels clearance at 70 percent off. I have been watching the prices on the Target beach towels go down slowly, but today I finally hit the jackpot.

Beach towels clearance

Beach Towels on clearance at Target for $2.08 (Were $6.99) 28 x 58 100 percent cotton

The selection of beach towels on clearance at Target was big, but I decided on getting one kind only, as it makes them hold the color better in wash. I found the beach towel clearance on an end cap by the children’s decor and pillows, so you may want to look around a bit to make sure you don’t miss it.

Beach Towel clearance

Beach Towels on clearance at Target for $3.28 (Were $10.99) 28 x 58 100 percent cotton

Disney Princess, Toy Story, Cars 2, Sponge Bob and Dora beach towels


Team Sports Beach towel clearance

Beach Towels on clearance at Target for $4.78 (Were $15.99) 28 x 58 100 percent cotton

Over the past year I have been on a mission to get new towels for our household as the once we had were from my husband’s and my college years, and they were getting very worn. I hit the jackpot with towel clearance this past spring, and now I finally got to add new beach towels as well. Living in South Florida means that we can never have enough beach towels, as we are by the beach or the pool every day and it is always good to have extra for visitors as well.

You can always find my lastest Target clearance finds under the CLEARANCE tab, and Target deals under the DEALS tab in the top navigation bar. My lastest beach towels clearance finds can be found here.


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4 Responses to Target Beach Towels Clearance 70 Percent Off – As Low As $2.08!!!

  1. Carla says:

    Fantastic deals! Most of the summer stuff here has been gone for at least a month. Most of it never gets marked down all that much before it’s completely gone. My sister works at KMart, and they were out of a lot of summer stuff before it was marked down at all.

    • JRFrugalMom says:

      Carla, I am pretty excited about my finds:) The summer clearance has been gone for a while too, and these towels have been at 30 percent for a long long time. They are located at the end caps among the regular decor, pillows etc.

      I did find some pool stuff at 70 percent off too, but I’ll have to post more details later.

      Do your sister get a Kmart discount? If so, I can imagine that’s a big help:)

  2. Meg says:

    I grabbed a bunch of character beach towels this morning at Target. $3.28 on clearance (originally $10.99). In addition to the ones mentioned above, they had Hello Kitty, Angry Birds, Batman, Super Mario Bros, and those weird looking monkeys that are in the Happy Meals now.

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