Sep 072012

This week I took it very easy with the shopping, so I skipped a lot of my regular grocery stores. This meant that I spent more money than usual at Publix, but they had some great deals including lactose free milk on sale. Thankfully we still have lots of produce and meat from last week, so I did not have to spend a lot at Publix on this. I did use some $5/$50 coupons to get an expensive melon and meat though. I was $6 under budget this week, but I have been over for the past couple of weeks, so it is a good thing that I chopped off a little to even it out.

Did you go over budget this week?



Check out my Target Deals

school supply clearance at Target

See my Target clearance deals

I spent $4.99 at Target

I saved $13 at Target


Check out my Publix Deals

Publix bogo

See my Publix BOGO deals here

I spent $49.47 at Publix

I saved $116.77 at Publix

Check out my CVS Deals:

CVS diaper clearance

See my CVS diaper clearance and free deals here

I spent $4.59 at CVS

I saved $21.93 at CVS

My Weekly Totals

My Weekly Grocery Spendings $59.05

My Weekly Grocery Savings $151.70

My Weekly Clothes and Extra Spending $0

My Weekly Clothes and Extra Savings $0

Weekly Spendings For A Family of 5 $59.05

Weekly Savings For A Family of 5 $151.70


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  2 Responses to “The Weekly Savings Linky: $210 For $59”

  1. Great deals this week! I haven’t been shopping yet this week. We usually go on Saturday so we can hit the farmers market, too. Last week I stayed under budget but only by like $.13 or .14. 🙂 At least I didn’t go over!

    This week I guess I’ll technically go over because we are going to buy a rug for our new bedroom. It comes out of the remodel budget, though, which still has enough to cover it, it’s just on a card that I can’t use for the rug (no worries, though, I can use that giftcard on my husband for Christmas, and use the Christmas funds for the rug).

  2. Nice shopping trip! Thank you for sharing!

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