Sep 262012

Walmart groceries

I wanted to get some produce price match deal at Walmart today, and for a moment I got very nervous. I am very particular with my Walmart price match list, and I write all the specifics down, the stores, the valid sale dates etc. Today was the first time that the cashier asked her manager for a book with the as, and when she pulled out the Sedano’s ad, it just did not match up with my prices. It wasn’t until I saw the banana deal from last week that it dawned on me that she had the old ad in there.

I was very excited about getting organic carrots at $0.23 a lb, and I made sure to fill up our produce drawer, as we eat a lot of carrots.


My Walmart Produce Price Match Deals:

Coca Cola 2 liter $1.38 – (Walmart Price Match w/ Western Beef at $0.25 wyb $10+) = $0.25

4 x Farm Rich Snacks @ $2.17 each = $8.86 – (2 x $3/2 Farm Rich coupons (use zip 90210, 30303, 63115, 85254 and 14760)) = $2.68 ($0.67 each)

Nasoya Wrappers $2.28

4 x Earthbound Farms carrots 1 lbs @ $0.98 each = $3.92 – (4 x $0.75 Earthbound Farms coupons) = $0.92 ($0.23 each)

4 x Cucumbers @ $0.78 = $3.12 – (Price Match w/Sedanos @ 4 for $0.99) = $0.99 ($0.25 each)

1.11 lbs of Zucchini @ $1.78/lb = $1.98 – (Price Match w/Sedanos @ $0.79/lb) = $0.88

2.05 lb of plums @ $1.48 = $3.03 – (Price Match w/Sedanos @ $1.29/lb) = $2.64

5 x Lemons @ $0.54 each = $2.70 – (Price Matching with Penn Dutch @ 5 for $0.99) = $0.99 ($0.20 each)


Tax $0.48

Final price $11.11

Total saved $16.16


Are you getting cheap organic carrots at Walmart this week?

  3 Responses to “Walmart Produce Price Match Deals & Farm Rich Snacks Only $0.67”

  1. I’ve had that happen here in IL as well, where they are asking their managers to view the ads. I was told it’s up to the store manager if they ask for them or not. Apparently there’s been alot of problems with people trying to get things that weren’t the right price. Well atleast around here they are. But yeah, unfortunately I don’t usually shop at Walmart as I have had nothing but bad experiences and their produce by me is horrible. But I do go there once in a while for things like dog food, etc.

    • Debbie, I have heard that a lot of changes are coming to their coupon use too, as there have been a lot of coupon fraud even from Walmart employees. This Walmart is the only Walmart store that I even bother price matching at and using coupons, because the other ones in are area horrible at both, and they don’t even know their own company policies. This Walmart store has pretty good quality produce, although I have had a few times where I skipped certain produce because of the look of it. I guess it really depends on the store management how friendly, clean and neat the stores are.

  2. I have to say, even if WalMart does have low prices on their produce, I won’t buy it there any more…I’m willing to pay a little more to have better quality produce…too many times I’ve bought produce at WalMart only to have it taste bad or go bad much too quickly…even Aldi has better produce…sorry…

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