Oct 182012

free plants

About a month ago I posted about an easy way to get a $10/$10 Lowes Coupon, and since then I have been saving my Lowes coupon. Today I finally got the chance to pick up some free vegetable plants from Lowes. I did an an extra pot with lettuce, simply because I got tempted, but I am sure that was the purpose of the coupon:)

It has been so hot in South Florida (it’s still quite hot actually), that I started planting seedlings late, and they are just not as far ahead as I would like. So for the first time in years, I decided to actually get a couple of grown plants for the vegetable garden. I do have some chili and habanero pepper plants that are flowering already, and I know my husband and the neighbors are looking forward to seeing hot red peppers again.

Free Vegetable Plants at Lowes

Pepper Plant $5.98

Lettuce mix $5.98

Cherry tomato plant $3.48

– $10/$10 Lowes Coupon

– $2.50 Store Credit

Total out of pocket $2.94

Total saved $12.50


Are you doing any fall gardening this year?

If you are looking for a way to get free plants for your garden, make sure to check out the FREEBIE tab in the top navigation bar. Right now you can get $30 in Home Depot Coupon!


  4 Responses to “$10 Lowes Coupon = Free Vegetable Plants”

  1. Hi, I’m planning to use my $10 Lowes coupon, but does it not state $10 off any single purchase of $10 price or more? like, the item you buy needs to be at least $10, not the total of a few items?

    • Shawn, since I already used my coupon, I cannot check to see, but obviously that’s not how I read it. You be right though! However, I can tell you that I had no problem using the coupon on more than 1 item, so I guess the computer and the Home Depot employee did not see any problems. If you are in doubt, ask the customer service.

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