Oct 202012

Home Depot Zombie Game

Here in South Florida, I am starting up the winter garden, so the latest Home Depot coupons are going to come in very handy. Right now you can earn a $15 Home Depot Coupon, when you play the Home Depot Zombie game. However, you can also earn an additional $5 and $10 Home Depot coupon, which means a total of $30 in Home Depot Coupons.

  • Earn a $5 off a $5.01 purchase Home Depot Coupon to be used in Lawn & Garden
  • Earn a $10 off a $10.01 purchase Home Depot Coupon to be used in Lawn & Garden
  • Earn a $15 off a $15.01 purchase Home Depot Coupon to be used in Lawn & Garden

Does it get any better than that?

The game is very simple to play, and it seems as if Home Depot has finally figured out the last quirks of the Home Depot Zombie game, so it is now running smoothly.


How To Earn Home Depot Coupons:

  1. Log into the Home Depot Zombie Game on Facebook.
  2. Go to the Home page, choose benefits of mulch.
  3. Click earn 2 x More Zombie mulch, and enter your emails to sign up for the Home Depot Garden Club and double all points earned.
  4. Go back to the game page, hit play.
  5. Now, pick up all the Zombies by running into the head-on (sideways won’t count)
  6. Avoid the road work obstacles, pot holes and fallen tree limbs.
  7. Pick up green stars such as magnets (draws all the Zombies to you, 2X double your Zombie points and star (extra life).
  8. If you loose the game, don’t worry because your mulch (points will keep on adding up for every game)
  9. Once you collect a total of 5000 sq ft of mulch you have earned a $15 Home Depot Coupon, but first you will earn a $5 and a $10 Home Depot Coupon.
  10. All coupons can be saved until you finish the game, or you can redeem them one at a time. Once you redeem your coupon, it will be sent to your inbox. The Home Depot coupons expire 12/31/2012, so you have plenty of time to use them.

 Home Depot Coupon game

Did you earn your Home Depot Garden Club coupons yet?

The game takes a little patience in the beginning, but if you follow the steps above, you will soon have enough mulch for a $5 Home Depot Coupons. I cannot wait to go use my Home Depot coupons on new plants for the garden!

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  2. Hey! Is this game still running? That sounds amazing!!!

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