Oct 272012

Today’s How To Be Frugal post is about decluttering, and about how you can earn from the process of decluttering your home. I have been on my usual fall decluttering mission, which eventually will end up in a yearly yard sale together with our neighbors. However, this year I decided to look at different options for some of the items, because yard sale prices are usually pretty low, and our yard sale goers usually go after very specific items.

Amazon trade in program

I have noticed that books sell for almost nothing if at all at the yardsale, and customers seem weary about purchasing DVDs as well, so I checked the prices at different buy back companies, and I ended up chosing the Amazon Trade-In program for my items. Last weekend, I dropped off a box with books and DVDs at our local UPS store with a prepaid label courtesy of Amazon, and less than a week later I received a confirmation note from Amazon that the order had been processed and accepted.

I was a bit nervous as to whether I would get the amount I expected for the items, as the prices may differ if the company does not feel that the product is at the standard it was submitted as. To my surprise, I received the exact amount back, which I had originally estimated, and I am thrilled.

The DVDs were mostly music and religious DVDs, which my husband had received from a friend, and the books were fiction and children’s fiction books that we no longer read. My kids have a lot of books, but some books just do not have the same appeal to my science loving boys as others, which means they just collect dust.

I received $18.54 back for the box, and I did not have to pay for shipping. The books sold for $1.18 – $1.96, and I would not have gotten more than $1 a piece at the yard sale, if I had been able to sell them at all.

The DVDs sold for $0.40 – $2.51, and these DVDs were either movies that have been played on TV already, or very specific religious DVDs that I probably would not have been able to sell at the yard sale. Since both the books and DVDs were either gifts or giveaway wins to begin with, it was a 100 percent profit.

What I Love About The Amazon Trade In Program:

  • I do not have to pay for shipping
  • I can print a mailing label from the amazon website
  • The box can be dropped off at UPS or the post office.
  • I can check the value of the items before I send them off
  • Non-approved items will be sent back for free
  • I can choose whether I want items back, if they do not live up to the standard, or if I want to sell them for less.
  • The processing time is quick! I received my payment less than a week after I dropped off the box at UPS.
  • I get paid in Amazon gift cards
  • It is easy, simple and convenient.


So, if you have some books, children’s or adult, or DVDs that are cluttering your home, why don’t you check out Amazon’s trade in program. My first experience was overwhelmingly positive, and while I may have been able to get more if I had sold each book or DVD directly but individually, I had no desire to deal with running to the post office etc. This was my first test run with the Amazon Trade In program, but it will definitely not be the last. I have no desire, room or time to enter the book selling business, and the Amazon Trade In program is definitely a great solution to selling used books and more without the hassle of selling fees, shipping etc.

You can learn more about the Amazon Trade In program at the Amazon Trade In Store

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Have you ever used the Amazon Trade In program?


  3 Responses to “How To Be Frugal: Declutter With The Amazon Trade In Program”

  1. Thank you for this awesome tip!!

  2. I never thought about doing this! I think this is a GREAT idea for not only decluttering but also making some money! I have boxes and boxes of books that are just sitting around in a closet. Next project will definitely be to get on Amazon and try to sell them to make some cash! Thanks for the tip!!

  3. This is awesome!! I can never sell books at a yard sale either, and it is a pain to have to sell and ship each piece separately on Amazon. I had no idea that you could sell this way. Thank you!

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