Oct 292012

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I am always on a mission to find the best deals on children’s books, and my husband is a big believer in giving books as gifts, so I had to jump on today’s great deal from Better World Books. Today only (Update: Sale has been extended to include Tuesday) you get 50 percent off bargain bin books + free shipping, which means that most used children’s books (fiction and non-fiction) are only $1.99 each. If you start shopping at Ebates you even get 3 percent back on your Better World Books order, and I just love getting checks from Ebates. I am especially thrilled that Better World Books accept Paypal as a payment form, and the free shipping offer makes for a great deal.


Better world books discount

Better World Books sell used books, and you can find everything your heart desire. I picked up some encyclopedias, atlases, non fiction books and the first Goosebump book, all of which will make great holiday gifts.


How To Get The Best Deal At Better World Books:

  1. Start shopping at Ebates to get 3 percent back on your Better World Books discount order, or start shopping directly at Better World Books.
  2. Click on the 50 Percent off banner on the Better World Books homepage
  3. Choose your genre, start with children’s if you are only looking for children’s books etc.
  4. Choose 5+ books and you get 50 percent off + Free shipping
  5. You can pay with debit card, credit card and Paypal

Better World Books discount


I am a big fan of buying used books, and it is a very affordable way to keep kids interested in reading. While our local thrift store has better prices, shopping online gives a much greater selection especially of non-fiction books. My oldest boys have very specific interests such as science, sharks and airplanes, which is why a deal like today’s Better Word Books sale is worth gold. I was able to get several hard cover books, and with the free shipping this really is an excellent deal.

Have you ever shopped at Better World Books?


  3 Responses to “Better World Books Discount: 50 Percent Off + Free Shipping (Sale Extended – Still Good)”

  1. I’ve never shopped at Better World Books, although I plan on checking them out today. 🙂 We love books at our house, too. We don’t usually have much luck finding them in thrift stores around here, but we buy a bunch from school book orders and at Barnes and Noble, especially in the after Christmas sales. That works out perfect for Elliott’s birthday, too! 🙂 Books are also usually his choice for things to earn when he gets enough stars on his chore chart as well.

    Oh, and our kids have a lot of the same tastes. Elliott loves science books, and books about animals. Sharks, snakes and dinosaurs are favorites. He also really likes biographies. Sometimes we have trouble finding good, affordable nonfiction books for him as well.

    • Carla, you know I am impressed at how well Elliott reads, and it sure does sound like our kids are a lot a like, when it comes to interests. I just got an email that the sale has been extended to today, so I sure hope you find something great for him. Our thrift store is pretty good with classics and fiction, but I love shopping for non-fiction books online.

      • Yeah, I saw that the sale had been extended when I first checked out the website. I found several books that I think Elliott will like, and made a list for him to go through when he gets home from school. He will be excited. He loves reading, and tends to choose books all the way from kindergarten reading level (he just loves certain characters and isn’t ready to say goodbye yet) to 5th or 6th grade as read aloud choices with me. He reads at least 4 books to me every night, and then I read him a chapter or two as well, so we go through lots of books. He’s that way at school, too. His teacher said he reads more books everyday than some kids do all week.

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