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Dollar General Diapers

If there is one thing I have learned after having three little ones, it is that all diapers are not created equal. The second lesson is that name brand does not mean a better diaper, and third that some store brand diapers may be just as good as the name brand ones. When I was asked to review a brand of value diapers, I was excited because diaper reviews often make me open my eyes up for new diaper brands, and this time certainly did just that. I received a bag of Dollar General Premium Diapers, and these DG Diapers surely impressed.

My three-year-old only wears diapers at night time these day, but lately his regular diaper brand had not held up to the few instances, where he had a nighttime accident. The Dollar General diapers passed the test, and they held up with no accidents every single night.

 Dollar General Diapers new

The Dollar General diapers, training pants, and overnight pants have had a bit of a transformation, and they are now ready to play in the big leagues. The size 4 diapers that my family tested, did just as well as any diaper brand we have used in the past.  
Great Things About Dollar General Diapers:

  • The DG Diapers work and stop leaks!
  •  The DG Diapers have high-stretch side panels that helps move with an active baby.
  • The DG Diapers have a soft hypoallergenic liner with vitamin E and Aloe to help protect baby’s skin.
  • The DG Diapers are not bulky and keep baby dry.

What I wish The Dollar General Diapers had:

  • An elastic backDollar General Diapers

Dollar General Diaper Prices:

You can buy a box of Dollar General diapers online for $13, use the DG coupon code SAVENOW to get $5 off $25.

  • Dollar General diapers size 3 – 85 ct = $0.15 per diaper
  • Dollar General diapers size 4 – 74 ct = $0.18 per diaper
  • Dollar General diapers size 5 – 62 ct = $0.21 per diaper
  • Dollar General diapers size 6 – 54 ct = $0.24 per diaper

 Buy 2 boxes @ $13, use the $5/$25 DG coupon or SAVENOW coupon code = $21 ($10.50 per box of DG diapers)


Dollar General Discounts:

 Dollar General Coupon

If you are looking to shop at Dollar General make sure to check out the website for Dollar General coupons. This upcoming Saturday October 20th, you can use a $5 off $25 coupon, to get an even better price on diapers.

Make sure to sign up for the Dollar General newsletter to receive news about promotions and Dollar General coupons.


This was the first time that my family used the Dollar General diapers, but it definitely will not be the last. If you combine the already low price of the DG diapers with a Dollar General coupon, these diapers become very affordable. For a frugal family like ours, saving on diapers without compromising on quality or results goes a long way, and I am thrilled to finally have been introduced to the DG diaper brand.

While diapers usually perform differently on different bodytypes and baby ages, there is only one way to see if a specific diaper brand is for you at your baby’s stage – try them out. The more diaper brands you try that work for you, the more options you have, when it comes to affordable diapers. I can highly recommend giving DG diapers a try, and I will definitely be purchasing them in the future.



Disclaimer: The Frugality Is Free family received complimentary Dollar General Diaper samples from The Mom Bloggers Club for the purpose of writing a review, no monetary compensation was received. Any opinions expressed above are based solely on my family’s experience with the Dollar General Supreme Diapers.

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  1. I never knew that Dollar General carried their own diapers. I will have to tell my daughter in law to try them. It is true some brand name diaper we didnt like. These have an elastic back which I like. Also the fact that there is a coupon for them was great tho we missed the deadline for it. Thanks for the review.

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