Oct 122012

Free at CVS

I made a quick stop at CVS today, because I wanted to pick up some free at CVS deals plus cheap CVS Apricot Scrub with the Free CVS coupons I had received in my inbox from the CVS Beauty Club.


My Free at CVS Deals:

Salma Hayek Nuance conditioner at $2.99 – $3 CVS coupon from email = FREE

CVS Apricot Scrub at $2.89 – $2 CVS Beauty Coupon from email = $0.89

Beauty of Essence lotion at $1.99 – $2 CVS Beauty coupon from email = FREE

Tax $0.08

Total out of pocket $0.95

Total saved $7

Received $1 CVS Extra Buck Back from Using CVS Extra Bag Tag


  3 Responses to “Free at CVS with Beauty Club Coupons”

  1. I stopped at CVS after work today and picked up some almost free nail polish remover…cost me 57 cents…I love it when they send those email coupons!!

  2. Patti, I sure love those coupons too. I tried the CVS brand apricot scrub last time, they gave me a similar coupon at the scanner, and it works just as well, so I was sure to pick it up again at $0.89. Much better than the about $4 the regular St. Ives Apricot Scrub….

  3. I like cvs

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