Oct 212012

After watching Elmo and Sesame Street Live this morning, my family headed for the playground, and then we made a stop at Home Depot. We had $60 in Home Depot coupons, which we had earned from playing the Home Depot Zombie game, so we were eager to go plant shopping. We ended up using $45 of the Home Depot coupons, and then we saved $15 for later use, since these Home Depot coupons do not expire until 12/31/2012.

My husband had some store credit, but we only used about $3 store credit after coupons, which meant we got everything for free.

Take a look at what we got for our coupons.


free plants


free miracle gro

Our Free Plants From Home Depot:

  • A Sweet Pepper Plant
  • Two Mini Bell Pepper Plant
  • A Banana Pepper Plant
  • A Rosemary Plant
  • A Oregano Plant
  • A Parsley Plant
  • Marigolds
  • Buttercrunch Lettuce
  • 1 bag of Miracle Gro Soil
  • 10 ct bamboo sticks


On Thursday we picked up some free plants at Lowes with a coupon, so this weekend the kids and I have been doing a lot of weeding and planting.

Free Plants From Home Depot

It ended up being dark, before I finally got the Marigolds in the ground, but everything has been planted, and now I just hope for a mild South Florida winter. I got a late start on planting this fall, because it has been so hot, which means my seedlings are not very big. By “buying” these plants, I hope to still be able to get a good growing season.

Did you earn your Home Depot Coupons in the Zombie Game yet?

You can check out this Home Depot Coupon post, to see how you too can earn free plants from Home Depot.

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