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Peppa Pig

Peppa Pig has arrived in the US with full force, because Peppa Pig toys, books and DVDs are now available at Toys R Us. Peppa is a cute little pig, who lives in the U.K with her family. Peppa is a charming pig, who likes to play games, go on adventure and she enjoys childhood to the fullest. You can now watch Peppa Pig episodes on Nick Jr., and chances are that your kids already know about Peppa.

My three-year-old son has become a huge fan of Peppa Pig, and he asks to watch his Peppa Pig DVD several times a week. Peppa Pig Muddy Puddles is a a fun children’s DVD, which features 10 different Peppa Pig episodes.

The Peppa Pig Muddy Puddles DVD from Entertainment One is 50 minutes, and it features the following Peppa Pig stories:

Peppa Pig Muddy Puddles DVD

  1. Muddy Puddles
  2. Mr. Dinosaur is Lost
  3. Polly Parrot
  4. Best Friend
  5. Hide and Seek
  6. The Playground 
  7. Mummy Pig at Work
  8. Camping
  9. Gardening
  10. Bicycles 

Peppa Pig Playhouse

As a mother of three boys, I never really considered that my sons would benefit from playing house and make believe, but the new Peppa Pig toys has changed my mind. My three-year-old very active son loves his new Peppa Pig Peek ‘n Surprise Playhouse from Fisher Price, and I am surprised to see how he is able to get into his own little Peppa Pig world. I have actually noticed that my son has started playing more imaginary games with his other toys as well, after he started playing with the Peppa Pig Playhouse.


Peppa Pig Toys 

The Peppa Pig Playhouse is filled with furniture, so that Peppa Pig can live comfortably with her parenPeppa Pig Toysts and her little brother George.  The Peppa Pig Peek n’ Suprise Playhouse is full of great details, and the kids can copy the stories from the Peppa Pig DVDs. The playhouse encourages imaginary play, and it is a great toy for toddler and preschool aged boys and girls.

What we love about the Peppa Pig Playhouse:

  • ThePeppa Pig Peek ‘n Suprise Playhouse comes with a Peppa Pig and George figure as well as 16 additional pieces of furniture and accessories.
  • It has a built in handle, which makes it easy to move the playhouse around.
  • The characters and furniture can be kept inside the closed playhouse for easy storage.
  • It encourages imaginary play
  • Is a great toy for both boys and girls
  • Has lots of great details
  • Lets kids act out their favorite Peppa Pig episodes


Hug n Oink Peppa Pig 


The Hug ‘n Oink Peppa is a talking plush animal from Fisher Price, and this large 12 inch plush Peppa is sure to impress any Peppa Pig fan.  When you press Peppa’s stomach she will oink, squeak, sing and say cute phrases such as “A hug would be lovely” and more to the delight of my toddler, who thinks Hug ‘n Oink Peppa is a blast.


Peppa Pig Book


The book Peppa Pig and the Lost Christmas List from Candlewick Press, is a cute story that shows just how Peppa Pig can save Christmas. This is a great Christmas books, which my toddler loves, and it is great for the upcoming holidays.

You can learn more about Peppa Pig at the Peppa Pig website, where you can find video clips, activities and more. You can also follow Peppa Pig on Facebook to stay updated on the latest Peppa Pig news and promotions.



 Buy Peppa Pig Toys

You can buy the new Peppa Pig toys, DVDs and books at Toys R Us and Amazon, or you can purchase digital downloads at Itunes.


Holiday Gift Guide

The Peppa Pig toys, DVDs and books are a part of the Holiday Gift Guide here at Frugality Is Free, because the new Peppa Pig themed toys, DVDs and books will make great holiday gifts for toddlers in your family. 




Disclaimer: My family received complimentary Peppa Pig samples for the purpose of writing a review, no monetary compensation was received. Any opinions expressed above are based solely on my family’s experience with Peppa Pig and the Peppa Pig products.

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  1. One of the kids I used to nanny *loves* Peppa Pig. I didn’t know there was a doll house, though. I really love doll houses that aren’t overly girly because, at least in my own experience as a nanny, boys also really love playing house and family and making up imaginary scenarios with the props afforded by doll houses, dolls, and their accessories.

  2. these are the cutest pigs ever!!!!
    🙂 love them!! 🙂
    anne l

  3. The dollhouse looks so cute, I am looking for a dollhouse for my niece but didn’t want to get her anything Princess related which is all I can seem to find. Thanks for letting me know about Peppa Pig!

  4. Peppa is a favorite with our gal, with her cute accent, and her brother George.Peppa Pig and the Lost Christmas book will be a hit in our holiday stockings this year

  5. this is cute my girls would love this

  6. such cute little piggies, the toys look like a lot of fun

  7. Thanks for the review. I like the little house and of course the figures 🙂

  8. These are adorable and I really like that there are stories to go along with the toys. My daughteris young, but she definitely interacts with the toys she sees in books the most.

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