Publix Lemonade Trip


I had to make the mandatory Publix stop this week, because my family simply won’t make it without Publix’s orange juice and lemonade. I only had 2 coupons for Johnsonville sausages, and I must admit that I was a bit shocked to see how little I got for my money without using coupons.


My Publix Deals:

1 Gallon Publix Lemonade $2.99

1 Gallon Publix Orange Juice $3.99

2 x Sabra Hummus on sale at $2.5o each = $5 ($2.50 each)

2 x Johnsonville Italian Sausages on sale at $3.99 each = $7.98 – (2 x $2 Johnsonville Itallian Sausage coupon NLA) = $3.98 ($1.99 each)


Tax $0.18

Total out of pocket $16.14

Total saved $10.38


Do you ever feel shocked at the price you pay for groceries, if you do not have many coupons with you?

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3 Responses to Publix Lemonade Trip

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  2. Amie says:

    Before couponing, my husband and I easily paid $80-$120 per week on groceries for 2 adults, a baby, and pets. This did not include the $36 per mos on diapers. Fast forward 2 years and we were a family of 4 paying $50 per week for everything – Pull Ups and diapers included. Fast forward another two years and we pay about $60 per week for everything. I can’t imagine paying full price. I’m amazed by how pricey it is when I don’t do coupon deals and just buy things like meat, dairy, and produce. I can get so much when shopping sales with coupons.

    • JRFrugalMom says:

      Annie, it really is crazy how fast the amount can go up without coupons. We spend an average of $65 a week for our family of five, but I know that sending my husband to the store for one or two items can easily ruin the entire budget for the week.

      I felt so empty today shopping with 2 coupons, but the OJ and Lemonade are my family’s weekly splurges:)

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