Oct 152012

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Today I want to talk about how to be frugal by buying second hand clothes, because if you choose wisely, you may be able to buy your child a new wardrobe for less than $50. I recently put in my second order at ThredUp, and once again I was absolutely impressed with the clothing I received. Although everything was second-hand clothing, it was in excellent condition. I did not find a single loose button, stain or visible wear, and most of the clothing looked as if it had never been worn. If you have not signed up for ThredUp yet, I can highly recommend it, and don’t forget to get your $10 ThredUp discount. If you sign up and make a purchase, you will get $10 off, and I will also get $10 towards my next ThredUp order.

How To Shop at ThredUp

  1. You get $10 off at ThredUp if you sign up here.
  2. Chose the gender and sizes you are looking for
  3. Then select price low to high to find the best value
  4. Right now summer clothing are selling at extremely low prices, so you may want to buy a size up and put the clothes aside for next year.
  5. Now start browsing
  6. After you sign in your picks will be saved, so browse through all of the clothing. When you are done, start selecting your favorites until you reach the budget you had in mind.
  7. If this is your first time shopping at ThredUp use the free shipping code: SHIPOCT12
  8. Otherwise Shipping is $7 on orders of less than $40.
  9. Shipping is free on orders of $40+
  10. Shop For Free: If you purchase an item around $3, you can get it free or for pennies after the $7 shipping (or try using SHIPOCT12 for free shipping). 
  11. If you know you want to buy more, you can spend $40+ to get free shipping, and then use the $10 sign up bonus to only pay $30 for all of your items, and you may be able to use SMART20 to get an additional 20 percent off your order.
  12. You can pay with debit, credit, ThredUp earnings or Paypal
  13. Expect your order to arrive in 3 – 5 business days
  14. If you like ThredUp, you can tell your friends for a $10 bonus off your next order.

 ThredUp order

At ThredUp you can also sell your own used kids clothing, but I have not tried this feature myself, so I cannot speak for or against it. As for buying from ThredUp, I only have praise. I am working on a big post about all of the kids clothing I got at ThredUp, but for now I just wanted to share this great $10 sign up bonus + free shipping offer. I spent $7+ out of pocket on my latest ThredUp order, and I got about 20 pieces after bonus, free shipping and ThredUp promo code. The new value of the kids clothing I bought would have been close to $300!

When you shop at ThredUp, think about buying 2-piece outfits, one-piece outfits etc., as this will stretch your money even more. Forego onesies and such that you may be able to get just as cheap on clearance, and think more about dress clothes such as name brand dresses, pants, shirts etc. This is where you will get the greatest value by shopping at ThredUp compared to clearance shopping.

Shop For Free: If you purchase an item around $3, you can get it free or for pennies after the $7 shipping with the $10 sign up bonus (Or try using SHIPOCT12 for free shipping). Since I have already purchased from ThredUp multiple times, I cannot test whether the free shipping code will work on with the $10 sign up bonus, but I urge you to give it a try just in case. There are lots of items under $3, and you can get everything from baby clothes, to t shirts, one-piece sets, shorts, skirts, dresses and more.


ThredUp Promo Codes

Besides the  $10 ThredUp sign up bonus, you may also be able to use the free shipping code SHIPOCT12  at ThredUp.

If you know you will be spending more than $40 and qualify for free shipping anyway, you can use the ThredUp promo code SMART20 to get 20 percent off your first order, or use fan10 to get 10 percent off any order.


If you sign up through any of the links in this post, you will receive $10 off your first ThredUp order, and I will receive $10 off my next order as well. As you can probably tell, I love shopping at ThredUp, and I will of course love it, if you will sign up under me. Make sure to see my Shop For Free note above. You can find more How To Be Frugal posts in the top navigation bar under Frugality Posts.

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