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With three boys in the house, cleaning up toys is a daily effort, and it just seems like it is never enough. One of the boys biggest issues have been that they did not have anywhere to put the big bulky toys, so they ended up making a big mess under the loft bed or the hockey table in the living room. My hope was that the Step 2 Corvette Toy Chest would help us win the battle of then an attempt to win the battle of the toys, and so far it seems that it this toy chest was what we needed.

Step 2 toy chest


The Step2 Corvette Toy Chest arrived at our door step in a huge box, and it was extremely easy to put together. The instructions were simple, but they weren’t even necessary, as the image of the box was all we needed. The toy chest took less than 3 minutes to set up, and the stickers were easy to put on as well. When we opened the box, my three-year-old son kept on exclaiming, “I’m so excited, I’m so excited”, and his excitement surely did not get subdued after he saw the final result. He loves his new Step2 Corvette Toy Chest.

Step2 toy Chest

The Step 2 toy chest fit almost all of my boys’ big toys such as firetrucks, tractors, trucks, balls, the abacus and more, all toys that were too big for the regular toy boxes. It is perfect to get all of the clutter off the floor, and I am thrilled to finally have a little organization on the chaos.

One of my favorite features of the Step2 Corvette Storage Chest is the fact that it is extremely child-friendly. Compared to our wooden toy-box, where the closing mechanism eventually failed, there is no risk that this will happen with the Step2 toy box. The Step2 toy box has a very simple closing feature, which my toddler easily can use by himself, and I do not have to fear that he will get his fingers stuck.


What I Love About The Step2 Corvette Storage Chest:

  • It is sturdy and high quality
  • The color scheme is colorful yet blends nicely into our home.
  • The Corvette theme is great for boys, and it can grow with them.
  • It is quick and easy to assemble.
  • It is extremely child-friendly with an easy opening and closing mechanism.
  • It is made in the USA
  • It is made to last

Check out this video of my three-year-old son with his new Step2 toy chest, this is definitely the most child-friendly toy box I have seen.



Buy The Step2 Corvette Storage Chest

You can buy the Step Corvette Storage Chest at the Step2 website and you can also find this Step2 toy chest
at Amazon.com.


Holiday Gift Guide

The Step2 Corvette Storage Chest is a part of the Holiday Gift Guide here at Frugality Is Free, because after Christmas you will need some place to store all of your kids’ new toys. Not only is the Step2 Corvette Storage Chest cool, it is also child-friendly, and it is affordable as well.



Disclaimer: Our family received a complimentary product sample for the purpose of writing a review. No monetary compensation was received. Any opinions expressed above are based solely on our experience with the Step2 Corvette Storage Chest and the Step2 company.

  9 Responses to “Step2 Corvette Toy Chest Review (Holiday Gift Guide)”

  1. I need this Awesome toy box!!

  2. I love the top. It would be great for preventing the toybox from overflowing like the ones we have do.

  3. This is nice, it is a toy box that you can keep for many years. I like that there is no pinch points or sharp edges for the toddlers.
    Thank You for the review

  4. Love this! Exactly what I need for my house to keep all the grandkids toys in!

  5. this looks like a great storage chest for toys and other items. and who doesn’t like stickers?

  6. I really like Step2 things for the kids. So many cute things they have. They are always sturdy made . I like the fact that they are also made in the USA. this will be nice for at my house for the grandkids toys- which are alot of them LOL

  7. I could actually use this for my basement to keep toys. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I love this. With my 3 boys, toy boxes are always needed and so hard to find in boy stuff! Love that it has a lid too!

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