Oct 182012


Target clearance

My middle son was home from school sick today, but I had not done any shopping this week, and we were out of a lot of things. This meant dragging my toddler and a sick six year old to Target and ALDI, so I made sure to make shopping quick today. I did not find much at Target, but the kids were excited that I found hot chocolate mixes on sale. I also found pink lemonade on clearance, which were made even cheaper with a Target coupon. Unfortutunately, Target was out of their eggs on sale, but I made sure to pick up a couple of rain checks for later on.

I picked up some books for the boys for Christmas, and I was thrilled to find them marked down to 70 percent off.


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Target Clearance Deals:

2 x Market Pantry Pink Lemonade on clearance at $1.60 each = $3.20 – ($1/2 Market Pantry Juice coupon) = $2.20 ($1.10 each) – (Was $2.29 each)

2 x Nestle Hot Chocolate Mixes on sale at $1.09 each = $2.18 (Was $2.49 each)

2 x SodaStream flavors on sale at $1.78 each = $3.56 (Was $5.99 each)

3 x Easy Reader Books on clearance at $1.18 each = $3.54 (Was $3.99 each)

Magic Tree House 4 Book Collection on clearance at $5.98 (Was $19.99 each)

– $0.10 Target Reusable Bag Discount

Tax $0.92

Total out of pocket $18.28

Total saved at Target $37.45


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