Target Clearance: School Uniform, SodaStream & More

Target clearance

I love Target clearance in the fall, but I must admit that I spent a lot more than I had expected to today. This does not happen often, but today was definitely one of those days, where I went over budget. The clearance end caps were full of great clearance deals, and I even picked up a couple of gifts. I also found SodaStream on clearance at a very low price, and since my kids and I are trying out our new SodaStream this weekend, I wanted to pick up a couple of extra bottles.

Although I still made it within my grocery budget this week, this last trip to Target definitely made me go way over my calculated extra spendings for the week. This is why I am thankful that I am keeping closely track, because some weeks I don’t have any extra spendings at all, and when I even it out for the year the total still looks good.

Ore Ida Target Deal

My Target Clearance Deals:

Target Home Standard Pillow Cases on clearance at Target for $6.88 (Were $22.99)

Room Essential Storage Ottoman on clearance at Target for $8.50 (Was $17.99)

Baby Shirt (not pictured) on clearance at Target for $1.50 (Was $5)

Boys Uniform Shirt on clearance at Target for $3.98 (Was $7.99)

Halo UNSC Falcon with Landing Pad on clearance at Target for $13.48 (Was $44.99)

2 x Plastic Drinking Glasses on clearnace at Target for $1.50 each = $3 (Was $3 each)

Market Pantry Hoagie Roals on sale at $1.80 (Was $2.69)

4 x Sodastream mixes on clearance at $1.78 each = $7.16 (was $5.99 each)

3 x Ore Ida Frozen Potatoes at $2.99 each = $8.97 – ($1.50/3 Ore Ida Coupon and $1/2 Ore Ida Target coupon) = $6.47 ($2.16 each)

20 oz Heinz Ketchup $1.92 – Free with 3 Ore Ida Products Target Deal = FREE


– $0.10 Target Reusable Bag Discount

Tax $2.61

Total out of pocket $55.24

Total saved $55.14


Do you ever find the Target clearance prices too tempting.

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