Target School Uniform Clearance Sale – 50 Percent Off!

school uniform clearance

If you are looking for school uniform clearance, this is definitely the time to head to Target. Target has school uniform separates on clearance for as low as 50 percent off, and while the clearance may vary from store to store and only be on specific colors, I have now spotted the 50 percent off school uniform clearance at several South Florida Target stores.


Target School Uniform Clearance Finds:

Boys school uniform polo shirts on clearance at Target for $3.98 (Were $7.99)

Boys and girls school uniform shirts on clearance at Target for $5.58 (Were $7.99)

Boys school uniform pants on clearance at Target for $7.48 (Were $14.99)

Girls school uniform pants on clearance at Target for $6.48 (Were $12.99)

Target kids clothes coupon

 You can use this 20 percent off Target Kids Clothes coupon to lower your prices even more.

Most other school uniform clearance at Target were still at 30 percent off, but I highly encourage you to start looking, if you are looking for great prices on school uniform seperates, dresses, socks, skirts etc. The tricky part about Target school uniform clearance is that it disappears quite quickly once it hits 50 percent off, and it is usually only the white and yellow uniform shirts and Husky or Slim school uniform pants that make it all the way to 70 percent off.


My kids are all set for the next year thanks to all of my school uniform clearance finds the past couple of years mostly at Target or (some at Old Navy, The Gap and Kohl’s), but I did pick up an extra navy school uniform shirt for my oldest son in a size up. My middle son is all set thanks to hand-me-downs, and a few clearance deals, and I am of course saving everything for when my youngest son start school as well.

Last year I found some great school uniform clearance deals online at, but so far I have not found any great deals there. You can always check ut the school uniform clearance prices, because you never know when you will get lucky. Last year the sale was in the beginning of November, if I remember correctly.

You can always find my latest school uniform clearance finds in the top navigation bar under CLEARANCE. You can also find the latest Target clearance finds under CLEARANCE or Target deals under DEALS.

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  1. Nichole D. says:

    Thanks for the tip! My 6 year old son attends a private school and after his last growth spurt we’ll need to update the uniforms.

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