Oct 112012

Target Up & Up diapers

Today’s Target Daily Deal is for all of you with little ones in diapers, and if you are anything like me you’ll love this deal. Today only you can get a huge 384 count pack of Up & Up Diapers for only $38! That’s a $21.99 savings, and it basically means that you get 9 jumbo packs at only $4.04 each (or $0.09 per diaper), if you buy a size 2 or 3. The sizes available are from size 2 – 6. The regular price for a jumbo pack of Up & Up diapers are $6.29, or you can be lucky to find them at sale at $5.95, so you save a $1.91 – $2.25 per jumbo pack with this deal without even using a coupon.

Now to make this deal even better make sure to start shopping at EBATES, as you will get 2 percent back, which will add an extra savings. Shipping is free, and you do not have to use a coupon.


How To Get The Best Deal on Target Up & Up Diapers.

  1. Start shopping at EBATES to get 2 percent back (They’ll send a check every quarter, and I sure love Ebates checks)or you can start shopping directly at Target.com.
  2. Click through to the Target site
  3. Go To The Daily Deals section (See the tab in the left-handside corner under the Target dog, or look at the bottom of the main page under Ways To Save.
  4. Choose the diapers you need
  5. Text BABY5 to 827438 to get a 10 percent off copon code (I’m not sure if it’ll work on the daily deal, but it’s worth a try)
  6. You get free shipping
  7. Pay with credit card, debit card, gift card or paypal.
  8. The Target Daily Deals usually ship in 3 – 5 business days.


After three kids, I will admit that buying diapers is not on top of my list of things to do, and even though I can get diapers at reasonable prices with coupons and sales, it can be a hassle shopping with coupons. I am a big fan of the Up & Up diaper brand and training pants, and I have used it for all three of my boys without any complaints, so this is definitely a deal right up my alley.

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