Nov 092012

ALDI produce

This week I decided to skip my weekly Walmart price matching trip, simply because my feet were too tired to carry me there. Instead I stocked up on produce at ALDI, and I only spent a few dollars more than if I had made my way to Walmart with my local ads. For the past week I have been eating lettuce from the garden, but I decided to pick up some lettuce at ALDI, so that my homegrown lettuce can grow abundant again.

ALDI groceries

ALDI Produce Shopping:

1 gallon skim milk $2.79

Instant oatmeal $1.49

Hot dog buns $0.89

Fresh chicken tenders $3.55

Broccoli 2 pack $1.69

2.62 lbs bananas $1.15

Roma Tomatoes 20 oz $1.49

Strawberries $2.19

3 lbs Granny Smith Apples $2.19

Butternut Squash $1.49

Hydro Butter Lettuce $1.39

Total out of pocket $19.61

Total saved $4.99

(Savings compared to the lowest prices at the competitor – see the grocery price list in the top navigation bar)


If I had gone to Walmart, I would have added a few extra price matching items, so I simply just left them out of my shopping trip. Sometimes convenience wins, and it sure is convenient to shop at ALDI.

  3 Responses to “The ALDI Convenience – Great Produce Prices!”

  1. I bought one of the butternut squashes on Wednesday. I couldn’t believe the great price! I got a HUGE one for $1.49! Publix is selling them for $1.29 lb! The one I bought would have been at least $3 at publix! I cut it up in cubes, then roasted it with a little olive oil, salt, pepper, and a little garlic powder. It was incredible!

  2. I really need to check them out. We have an Aldi store now.

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