Nov 202012

heart necklace

If you are looking for a unique gift for that special person in your life, then I have found it for you. I recently discovered Blossom & Gauge a small online boutique, which specializes in handmade jewelry pieces, and the unique jewelry is sure to make an impression.

Each piece is created by the founder of Blossom & Gauge, and these pieces are made of lightweight, easy to care for aluminum. Rhonda, creates geometric and organic shapes out of aluminum, and then she lightly texturizes each piece to give it a bit of sparkle and personality.  

heart necklace

My favorite piece from Blossom & Gauge is the heart necklace, which features a 2.5 inch carefully crafted, lightweight heart pendant on a vegan leather corded necklace. This handcrafted artisan jewelry is perfect for the special girl in my life.

The heart necklace like nothing else I have seen in the store, and I love unique jewelry pieces. I am also thrilled with the fact the aluminum jewelry pieces need no polishing, because of aluminum’s resistance to oxidation. 

Buy Blossom & Gauge Jewelry

You can buy the heart necklace featured here and other beautiful aluminum jewelry at the Blossom & Gauge website:

 Frugality Is Free readers can use the code FRUGAL to receive 30% off the total order at Blossom & Gauge.


Win Blossom & Gauge Jewelry

Five of Frugality Is Free readers will each win a piece of handcrafted artisan jewelry from Blossom & Gauge. Each winner will be able to choose their favorite piece of Blossom & Gauge jewelry.


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Holiday Gift Guide

Blossom & Gauge Aluminum Jewelry is a part of the holiday gift guide here at Frugality Is Free, because these beautiful, hand-crafted jewelry pieces will make unique holiday gifts for someone special in your life this holiday season.  



This giveaway will end Monday December 19th at midnight EST.  

Disclaimer: The Frugality Is Free family received a complimentary heart necklace sample for the purpose of writing a review and hosting a giveaway, no monetary compensation was received. Any opinions expressed above are based solely on our family’s experience with the aluminum jewelry from Blossom & Gauge.

  91 Responses to “Blossom & Gauge Handcrafted Jewelry Review & Giveaway (5 Winners!)”

  1. I love the spiral necklace and earrings! A friend of mine would adore it, too, I think!

  2. I would give the Spiral Necklace to my best friend, Cory. She loves spirals!

  3. I like the Infinite necklace.

  4. I would give the ChainMaile earrings. They are just lovely and I have the perfect person they would go to as a gift.

  5. I like the Infinity Earring

  6. love the Spiral Earring

  7. I like the heart necklace.

  8. Winding Road Necklace

  9. I’m combining the two first blog post comments into one, hope that still counts. I love the winding road necklace, cute.

  10. I think the cross necklace is really cool.

  11. The heart necklace is really cool too. Thank you for the opportunity to win something cool 🙂

  12. The spiral necklace

  13. I like the raindrop earrings

  14. The treble earrings are adorable

  15. infinity earrings my wife loves

  16. I like the Winding Road Necklace

  17. Love the infinity earrings

  18. I like the Winding Road necklace.

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  20. I like the Floral Necklace

  21. I love all the pieces I saw, but the heart necklace and the infinity earrings are my favs.

  22. I’d like to give the infinity earrings to my mother.

  23. I like the Floral necklace.

  24. I could give my sis-in-law the treble earrings.

  25. Love the Infinity Earrings

  26. I like the Infinity Earrings.

  27. The heart necklace is my fav but a close second is the winding road necklace

  28. I like Winding Road necklace.

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  29. I would give the Infinite Necklace.

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  30. Winding Road Necklace for me

  31. I like the Winding Road necklace!

  32. My favorite is the cross necklace.

  33. Spiral Earrings

  34. I like the diamond necklace best.

  35. I like the Winding Road Necklace

  36. I would give the ChainMaille Earrings to my niece

  37. Winding Road Necklace

  38. i love the Floral Necklace.

  39. I really like the infinity earrings

  40. I like the Winding Road Necklace.

  41. like the Infinite necklace.

  42. I like the Chain Maille earrings.

  43. The spiral earrings are beautiful!

  44. I’d like to the give the Floral Necklace to my mom or sister.

  45. i love the heart necklace so much

  46. id give these for xmas they’re so simple yet everyone would love them

  47. Treble Earring- so unique!

  48. the winding road necklace is my favorite!

  49. heart necklace

  50. I’d love the spiral necklace for my daughter 🙂

  51. Heart and winding road necklaces

  52. I like the floral necklace

  53. I like the cross earrings

  54. my favorite piece was the heart necklace.

  55. Infinite Necklace

  56. I love the Infinity Earring

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  58. I like the raindrop for my wife

  59. I love the cross necklace and would want one for me and to give to my daughter.


  61. I love the infinity earrings

  62. The Treble Earrings

  63. The infinity earrings!

  64. The flower necklace

  65. I love the infinity earrings and necklace. My daughter loves funky one of a kind pieces and these would be perfect. I myself love the cross earrings.

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  67. the cross necklace

  68. The heart necklace featured here is absolutely beautiful and would make a perfect gift for my daughter or BFF!

  69. I love the Infinity Earrings.

  70. I like the raindrop necklace!

  71. The Winding Road Necklace is pretty!

  72. infinite necklace for my daughter who always says I love you infinity times infinity

  73. I really like the Infinite Necklace

  74. I would give the winding road necklace to my mom

  75. the winding road necklace

  76. i like the winding road necklace

  77. i love the cross necklace

  78. i would give the infinite necklace to my sister

  79. lots of jewlery on there site front page 🙂

  80. i like the Winding Road Necklace

  81. I love the hear, cross, and winding necklaces. This is a great giveaway. Thanks for this opportunity to win.

  82. Spiral Earring

  83. My favorite is the Square Earring.

  84. The Winding Road necklace looks like something my sister would love for Christmas.

  85. the Winding Road Necklace is my favorite

  86. The Spiral Necklace

  87. Floral Necklace

  88. Winding Road Necklace

  89. Heart Necklace

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