Nov 232012


CVS Black Friday Deals

I had some CVS Extra Bucks that I wanted to roll from the CVS sale earlier this week, so I made a quick stop at CVS to pick up a few of the CVS Black Friday deals. I picked up a pack of the wrong flossers, which threw my CVS shopping trip off a bit, but in the end it turned out great.

My CVS Black Friday Deals:

2 x GUM Toothbrush 2 packs @ $2.50 each = $5 ($5 CVS Extra Bucks Back)

2 x CVS Flossers on sale at $2 each – $4 ($4 CVS Extra Bucks Back)

1 x CVS Batteries 4 pack on sale at $3.65 ($3.65 CVS Extra Bucks Back)

– $9. 86 in CVS Extra Bucks from previous CVS trip

Total out of pocket $0 (-0.06 total after refund, exchange and extra bucks)

Total saved $17.35

Total CVS Extra Bucks Back $9


Did you do any CVS Black Friday Shopping?


Make sure to check out Simply CVS for more CVS Black Friday deals.

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