Nov 252012

free batteries

There is always a gift or two under the Christmas tree, which is in need of batteries. This is why I am thrilled with this week’s free batteries at Office Depot deal. This week you can buy Energizer batteries AA and AAA 16 packs for $13.49 with 100 percent back in rewards, which means you will get $13.49 added to your Office Depot Worklife Rewards account. I love whenever this deal comes around, because I use the Office Depot rewards to purchase items such as ink or printer paper. This summer I used our Office Depot rewards to get all of the cheap back-to-school deals every week, and it was amazing how far I could stretch the $12 we had in Office Depot rewards.

My Office Depot Free Batteries Deal:

16 pack of Energizer AA Batteries at $13.49 – ($0.50 Energizer coupon 11/18) = $12.99

Tax $0.78

Total out of pocket $13.77

Savings $0.50


While my savings at Office Depot were minimal this week, and while I had to pay for the batteries, I consider it a good investment for next year. It is kind of like shopping with CVS Extra Bucks, and sometimes it is actually possible to roll Office Depot Rewards, when a new Free after Office Depot Rewards deal come up next quarter.

Do you take advantage of the Office Depot Reward deals?

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