Nov 152012

Oh my, do I have winners to announce. The Holiday Gift Guide is booming with great products, so make sure to check out all of them, if you need any gift inspiration. Several giveaways have ended this week, and it is time to announce a few lucky giveaway winners here at Frugality Is Free. You can find all of the Holiday Gift Guide reviews and giveaways in the sidebar.

congratulations clipart

The winner of the Extreme Interactive Arnie from Dinosaur Train & TOMY  Giveaway  is:  Bridget A (raxtell@)

The winner of the  Space Theater Planetarium From Magic Cabin Giveaway is Jennifer Rote (wildnmild4u@)

The winner of the World Almanac For Kids 2013  Giveaway is Shareen M (navymansgrl1@)

The winner of the Tomica Storm Runner Jet Giveaway is Janet W (janet3rdgrade@)

The winner of the  Olive Natural Beauty Giveaway is Debra S (debrasxxxx09@)


 Congratulations to all of the giveaway winners, and thank you to the giveaway sponsors!


  3 Responses to “Giveaway Winner Announcement: Tomica, Magic Cabin, Tomy, World Almanac & Olive Natural Beauty”

  1. Yay, my nephew is going to LOVE Arnie the Dinosaur!!

  2. Thank you sooo much my daughter will love the almanac!!!!

  3. My son is going to love the Space Theater Planetarium From Magic Cabin! thank you 🙂

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