Nov 262012

Miche Cyber Monday

I have been waiting for the Miche Cyber Monday Sale all year long, and I am not kidding.

I love, love, love my Miche Prima bag, and it is probably the first bag that has everything I want and more. So, when I recently broke my favorite Miche Prima shell by shipping around too much weight on Halloween (too many cameras:)), I was devastated.

I have been looking for a replacement purse ever since, but it is just impossible to replace a purse I considered perfect. So, I have been hoping for a great Miche Cyber Monday sale, and it is here. I am not one to spend a lot of money on myself, but a good purse is essential, so I asked my husband if he would give me a new Miche bag for Christmas, and he agreed without hesitation.

Cyber Monday Miche Prima

A regular Miche prima shell with handles cost $39.99, but today you can get Miche Bundles for only $49.99, which is up to 75 percent off. The Miche Prima bundles come with a Miche Prima base with handles plus 4 prima shells. (The regular shell price is $19.99 and up)

You can get a Miche classic bundle for only $39.99, but the classic bag is not as big as the Prima bag. As a busy mom-on-the go, the Miche Prima bag fits all of my needs, and this is the one that I recommend to other moms.

Now you can either shop directly at, or you can find a local representative, which I prefer since it means supporting someone local. However, today I highly recommend that you shop through Melinda York’s Miche page, because in addition to the Miche bundles, she also has a fantastic $7 basic shell sale and a $10 Prima shell sale. It just does not get better than that. I did not see the $7 and $10 Miche shells on the main Miche page, which is why I recommend starting out at Michelle York’s page Miche Cyber Monday deals page. (I don’t know Michelle York, I just love her Cyber Monday deal)

I also added an extra set of handles for my Miche Prima bag, since I know I am hard on my bags, and Ebay price is double of what the official Miche cost is.

So, if you are a Miche fan, or if you are looking for that perfect bag that can carry all of your mom-on-the go items, still look fabulous and offer a source of variety, I urge you to check out the Miche site today….during the Cyber Monday sale.

Check out the Miche Bag Cyber Monday deals here.

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