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If you follow Frugality Is Free, you have probably seen me rave about ThredUp before. Well, I am doing it again! Today – Cyber Monday and Tuesday only, you can get $15 off your first ThredUp order, when you use the coupon code CYBER15. Shipping is free on orders of $40+, and it is amazing what you can get for $40 at ThredUp.  If you have never shopped at ThredUp before, you can get get $15 off at ThredUp, if you sign up here and use the ThredUp coupon code CYBER15.

With the $15 ThredUp discount code, you can get three free items at ThredUp, if you choose the $3.99, $4.49 range, and you only have to pay the $7 shipping costs, which comes to $2.33 per item. Or you can spend $40 and get Free shipping on your entire order.

I have been purchasing beautiful baby girl dresses at ThredUp for $3.99 each (brands such as Gymboree, Gap, Children’s Place, Youngland, Disney, Oshkosh, Blue Beri Boulevard and more), but then I use coupon codes to make the price even lower, and most often I end up paying less than $1 per dress. 

I am actually expecting a box of baby girl dresses to arrive today, and I love how I can track the box as it travels across the country. The quality of the clothing at ThredUp is impeccable, and if you purchase an item, which a final ThredUp inspection does not consider up to their standards, they will give you the item for free. I have actually had this happen with two items in the past, and I was amazed as the clothing was still in great condition.

Take a look at my last ThredUp order! I paid less than $10 out of pocket after discounts and free shipping!

ThredUp dresses

How To Shop at ThredUp

  1. Sign up here to get $15 off at ThredUp,and use the coupon code CYBER15 today.
  2. Chose the gender and sizes you are looking for
  3. Then select price low to high to find the best value
  4. Now start browsing
  5. Pay $7 shipping for 3 items or get free shipping on orders of $40+
  6. You can pay with debit, credit, ThredUp earnings or Paypal
  7. Expect your order to arrive in 3 – 5 business days
  8. If you have ordered an item, which the final ThredUp inspection does not conclude is up to their stringent standards, then you will receive the item for free.


When you shop at ThredUp, I recommned that you look for items such as dress up clothes, sweaters, jeans, dresses etc., which is tough to find at a decent clearance sale price in store. For our baby girl, I have been purchasing beautiful dresses at ThredUp, and then I have been stocking up on the basics such as onesies, t shirts etc. at the clearance racks in store at The Children’s Place, Target etc..

The difference between ThredUp clothes and the clothes at my local Thriftstore is a significant difference in the quality and brands. While the initial cost of the ThredUp items may seem relatively high, the per item price becomes much lower, once you use free shipping and discount codes.

Have you shopped at ThredUp?


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