Nov 082012

Target Halloween Clearance 90 Percent Off

I was hoping to find Target Halloween clearance at 90 percent off today, and I got lucky. There was not much Halloween clearance left, but I did pick up a couple of great deals.


My Target Halloween Clearance Deals:

Shark Costume on Target Halloween clearance at $2 (Was $20)

Halloween Candy 50 pieces bag on Target Halloween clearance at $2.39 (Was $7.99)

2 x M&M’s Peanut Butter on Target Halloween clearance at $0.89 each =$1.78 – ($1.50 off 2 M&M’s candy Target coupon) = $0.28 ($0.14 each) (Was $2.99 each)

Halloween Butterfinger on Target Halloween clearance at $0.10 (Was $1)

Circo Kids T Shirt on clearance at $2.50 – 20 percent off Kids Clothing Target coupon = $2

2 x Aveeno 2.50 oz lotions on sale at $2.69 each = $5.38 – ($1/1 Aveeno Target Coupon, $1/1 Aveeno Skin Care Target coupon and 2 x $1/1 Aveeno Product coupon SS 10/28) = $1.38 ($0.69 each)

– $0.05 Reusable Bag Discounts

Tax $0.85

– $0.62 Target Gift Card

Total out of pocket $8.95

Total saved $40.62


Did you pick up any great Target Halloween clearance at 90 percent off?

You can always find my latest Target clearance finds under CLEARANCE and Target deals under DEALS in the top navigation bar.

  5 Responses to “Target Halloween Clearance 90 Percent Off – Saved $40!”

  1. I did that one year. I went to the 90% clearance and bought tons of costumes for babies for like $1 and the next year I sold them all on ebay. Kept them in a air tight box all year until Sept. Pulled them out and listed them all.. Sold everyone of them! You can find some great deals on the clearance if you look!

  2. Target is on my list of errands today, so I’ll be sure to check out their Halloween clearance. Great time to stock up on decorations and costumes for next year.

  3. Thank you. I like the fact that you list the Target clearance sales on your site as I dont get to my local Target store much so this lets me know if I need to get over there ASAP to take advantage of these sales .

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