Nov 172012


I will admit it, I have found a shopping addiction…ThredUp! Why? Because shopping for second-hand clothes at ThredUp makes clothing affordable that I could not previously include in our limited clothing budget.  I love browsing the ThredUp store, but I wait for the right combination of free shipping and ThredUp coupon codes before I actually hit the purchase button.

If you have never shopped at ThredUp before, you can get get $10 off at ThredUp, if you sign up here. This is my referral link, and if you sign up and make a purchase with your $10 you will get your $10 to shop for, and I will get $10 too. There is currently a ThredUp free shipping code SHIPNOV12, which should make shipping free on your first order.

How To Shop at ThredUp

  1. Chose the gender and sizes you are looking for
  2. Then select price low to high to find the best value
  3. Now start browsing
  4. You get $10 off at ThredUp, if you sign up here.
  5. Use the free shipping code: SHIPNOV12 (Exp. Nov 31st) on your first order. Otherwise shipping is $7, so you can purchase an item for $3.99, and only pay $0.99 for it after the $7 shipping free.  
  6. Shipping is always free on orders of  $40+, so if you use your $10 discount to, you will only pay $30 for all of your items.
  7. Other ThredUp Coupon Codes: You may be able to use the coupon code SMART20 to get 20 percent off your first order or SHOP5 to get an additional $5 off your order (Exp. 11/18), but this will only work if you do not use the free shipping code, and these codes may not work with the $10 sign up discount.
  8. After you sign in, browse through all of the clothing, and then when you are done, start selecting your favorites.
  9. You can pay with debit, credit, ThredUp earnings or Paypal
  10. Expect your order to arrive in 3 – 5 business days
  11. If you have ordered an item, which the final ThredUp inspection does not conclude is up to their stringent standards, then you will receive the item for free.
  12. If you love shopping at ThredUp, make sure to tell your friends. For every friend who signs up under you, and makes a purchase you will get $10 more to shop for at ThredUp.


I love going through my ThredUp boxes, and I am always impressed with the quality of the ThredUp clothing. Allthough it is second-hand clothes, it is like-new condition. If the clothing you have ordered does not live up to the high ThredUp quality standards on the final ThredUp inspections before shipping it off to you, they will give you your money back for that item. 

Of course, I recommend being selective, when you choose your ThredUp items. I have found that dresses, pants. jeans, sweaters and name brand items are great items to order at ThredUp, while I can find basic items such as Target brand tops and shorts cheaper at Target on the clearance rack.

The difference between ThredUp clothes and the clothes at my local Thriftstore is a significant difference in the quality and brands. While the initial cost of the ThredUp items may seem relatively high, the per item price becomes much lower, once you use free shipping and discount codes.

Have you shopped at ThredUp?

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