Dec 262012

50 Percent Off Target Christmas ClearanceI headed to Target this morning to check out the 50 percent off Target Christmas Clearance sale, and it was very busy. I only went to pick up a few things that I did not want to take a chance on at  disappearing before the Target Christmas Clearance makes it to 70 percent off. The rest of the items on my Target After Christmas clearance list can wait until it hits 70 and 90 percent off.

There were a lot of Target Christmas clearance shoppers out, and I must admit that I am a bit afraid everything is going to be cleared out by the time the sale goes to 70 percent off. Still, I am willing to risk it, and I simply do not want to buy it until I think the price is right.

I am predicting that the sale moves to 70 percent off Target Christmas Clearance on Saturday December 29th, and I sure hope I’m right as I don’t want to miss it.









Target Christmas Clearance


My 50 Percent Off Target Christmas Clearance Deals:

3 x Coin Sorters on Target clearance at 50 percent off at $2.49 each = $7.47 (Were $4.99 each)

Threshold Tablecloth on Target clearance at 50 percent off at $6.98 – $3 Threshold coupon = $3.98 (Was $13.99)

Gerber Blanket Sleeper on  Target clearance at 50 percent off at $2.98 – $1 Gerber apparel coupon = $1.98 (Was $5.99)

– $0.05 Target Reusable bag discount 

Tax $0.87

Total out of pocket $14.25

Total saved $22.80

Gerber Sleeper

Did you get any Target after Christmas deals at the 50 Percent Off Target Christmas Clearance sale?


You can always find the latest updates on the Target Christmas Clearance here at Frugality Is Free under the CLEARANCE tab in the top navigation bar.

Total saved $

  3 Responses to “50 Percent Off Target Christmas Clearance – Saved $22”

  1. Was at our Target this morning and everything was still at 50% off. Going to head back in tomorrow morning in hopes of 70% off because there are several items I saw today that I want to get! 🙂

  2. Still at 50% at my Target…

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